Friday, May 7, 2010

2004 Rewind: Boomstick! A Musical Parody of Darkness

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NMTC Gets Medieval On Your Ass!

New Millennium Theatre Company, who brought the ORIGINAL 'Evil Dead! The Musical' to Chicago will return in 2004 with 'BOOMSTICK! A Musical Parody of Darkness'. 'BOOMSTICK!', an original musical parody of the film ‘Army of Darkness’, finds our reluctant hero flung into the past and faced with possessed primitives, Evil Doppelgangers and a Medieval Maiden who wants more commitment than he is willing to give. Told from the point of view of Sheila, the film’s heroine, ‘BOOMSTICK!’ is the story of her life before, during and after the arrival of the smart-mouthed, occasionally brave ‘Promised One’ prophesied to save her people from the forces of the Undead. 'BOOMSTICK!' delivers all your favorite quotable moments, translated for the stage, affectionately parodied and mixed with 12 original songs including 'What Really Happened on My Quest', 'You Got Real Ugly', and Shop Smart'. Don't miss the Singing, Dancing Musical for the ages-The Dark Ages!


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