Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bryan Bertino to Write and Direct THIS MAN for Sam Raimi’s Ghost House Pictures

Matt Goldberg
Sam Raimi’s Ghost House Pictures has hired Bryan Bertino (The Strangers) to write and direct This Man. The film is based on the real life accounts on a man who discovers that people around the world are seeing him in their dreams. He then sets out to find why he is the cause of all their nightmares (my theory: he’s the star of whatever Internet meme you find most horrifying).

The project was based on a website by Italian sociologist Andrea Natella. Natella wanted to connect people who had seen the man in their dreams and to foster communication between them. Did she create YouTube? Because if my theory is correct, she created YouTube. But in all seriousness, the whole project was most likely a hoax since Natella was a sociologist who specialized in marketing. However, it is a cool premise for a movie.

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