Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Fantasy Worlds of Sam Raimi [GGTV]

rgsunico writes:
With the news of the demise of the Sam Raimi-produced Legend of the Seeker circulating the blogosphere, this got me thinking about the richly diverse fantasy worlds that Sam Raimi has brought to the small screen. Sure, we mainly remember him as the director for the Spider-Man movies or maybe even The Evil Dead movies further back but he's also a rather prolific TV producer with a passion for the geekier things in life.

In this week's Geeky Guide to TV, let's review the surprisingly geeky world of Sam Raimi, who has helped bring to life worlds of fantasy in the same way that Jerry Bruckheimer keeps giving us new iterations of CSI. It's either this or join the rest of the Craig Horner fans in trying to save Legend of the Seeker.

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