Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Thou Shalt Not Kill...Except (VHS) RARE, OOP, Not Rated

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In the war torn jungles of Vietnam, circa 1969, Marine Sergeant Jack Stryker takes two bullets in the leg just outside a Vietcong occupied village--he's rescued by a friend, and together the men blaze a bullet-strewn path out of the hellish jungle, entirely wiping out the enemy. But upon his return home, Stryker is plunged into a more personal war when his girlfriend is abducted by a frightening Manson-like cult of drug-addled cretins led by a vicious leader (EVIL DEAD director Sam Raimi). Soon enough, Stryker gathers together three of his old marine buddies, and the quartet form a deadly revenge-seeking death squad. Cult classic from the people responsible for EVIL DEAD and television's XENA. Cast: Brian Schulz, Robert Rickman, Sam Raimi ,.....

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