Thursday, June 17, 2010

'Evil Dead' is a bloody campfest

Kerry Lengel writes:
Damon Dering is the King of Camp.

It's certainly not the only thing that Nearly Naked Theatre's artistic director does well. But as a onetime plus-size drag queen whose theatrical vision was inspired by his devotion to "The Rocky Horror Show," camp is in his bones.

Of course, a theater company cannot live on "Rocky Horror" alone, but there are plenty of post-"Rocky" musicals that aspire to the same level of naughty subversion and joyful absurdity.

A few, such as the Nearly Naked hit "Bat Boy: The Musical," reach those heights. Others, including the current season-closing "Evil Dead: The Musical," based on the cult films by Sam Raimi, are a bit more paint-by-numbers. Lots of laughs, but nothing to really challenge either the King of Camp or his audience.

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