Wednesday, July 21, 2010

FEARnet: Exclusive Interview: Greg Nicotero & His 'Walking Dead'

Jeff Otto writes:
Greg Nicotero is no stranger to bloodshed. In fact, he’s the man behind the blood, happily splattering red while crafting some of the best makeup and prosthetic work of the past two decades. A Pittsburgh native, Nicotero cut his teeth in the business alongside Tom Savini on Day of the Dead before later returning to work with Romero on Land of the Dead and Diary of the Dead.

Although the bulk of Nicotero’s impressive resume - boasting names like Tarantino, Rodriguez and Raimi - leans towards genre material, he found a kindred spirit on the unlikely Green Mile. “Frank [Darabont] made a joke about when Tom Hanks’ wife is sick and said, ‘She should look like a heinous horror hag,’” Nicotero told FEARnet during our exclusive interview. “He’s literally quoting Sam Raimi and I got it.” When Darabont got the green light to adapt Robert Kirkman’s long-running zombie comic The Walking Dead for AMC, it was only natural that the director call upon his old friend to bring the zombies back to life.

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