Friday, July 16, 2010

More eBay: Fangoria # 23 Evil Dead Cover Very Scarce and Evil Dead 2 Dead by Dawn Laserdisc

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Fangoria # 23 (November 1982). Usual news and reviews on all things horror with features on Halloween 3, The Evil Dead, Tobe Hooper (Chainsaw Massacre), Edwin Neal (Chainsaw Massacre), Little Shop of Horrors, John Hough (Incubus) and much, much more.

A warehouse fire in December 2007 destroyed all the back issues of Fangoria so the only remaining copies are now in the hands of collectors, private individuals and a few dealers. Horror is big business so as well as providing lots of entertainment these magazines, if you look after them, have excellent long term investment potential.

Prior to the fire Starlog were already out of stock of this issue implying it is rare indeed (forget the word implying - this one really is SCARCE!).

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Up for sale is a LASERDISC (will NOT play in DVD player) of "Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn". This is the special edition wide screen version released by Elite Entertainment. Disc itself is red versus the normal silver.

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