Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Buzzine » Interview: Bruce Campbell - A Chat with the 'Burn Notice' and Cult Film Hero

Darryl Morden

Bruce Campbell is a man’s man. He plays characters tough, funny, self-effacing. Peers say he’s nothing but a true professional on the set. He’s a film and TV cult star many times over, from the Evil Dead movies to his self-parody, My Name is Bruce, to the still loved steam-punkish western show Brisco County, Jr. and a recurring role on the Hercules and Xena programs in the ’90s.

In this decade, Campbell has become an essential part of USA Network’s Burn Notice as Sam Axe, ex-Navy Seal and best pal to burned spy Michael Westin (Jeffrey Donovan) with almost a big brother relationship with weapons and demolition crazy Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar), and also the new guy on the block Jesse, burned by Michael, only he doesn’t know it.

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