Tuesday, September 7, 2010

2 Featured Videos: Evil Dead-esque Damned by Dawn and Boomstick - Evil Dead Inspired Remix

According to Amazon, November 9 will be the Blu-ray/DVD release of Damned by Dawn, a film that looks to homage Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead series. This might be the closest we will ever get to Evil Dead 4.

“During a violent thunderstorm, a family is awoken by piercing shrieks which summon the dead to rise again. Their lives explode in a blood soaked fury as they battle malevolent spirits… whilst fighting to save their souls from eternal torment with… the Banshee.”

Source: www.killerfilm.com

An old, forgotten track I made nearly 10 years ago, inspired by the Evil Dead movies, which i recently stumbled upon whilst clearing out my HDD. I've uploaded it here simply for preservation purposes.

Source: brisck1

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