Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Burn Notice Network Premiere in Canada Tonight

Best of Sam Axe – Season 01

Video by SkippyQSB

Burned spy tries to survive a very hot Miami
Bruce Campbell, a cult legend for the Evil Dead films, believes the show works "because it's not jaded. The modern-day cop show is like, 'Well we worked hard on this case, but the guy got away.' It's very dramatic. But that's depressing! You put forth all this effort and you don't succeed? Bulls-! We succeed every episode. I think we've had a few guys get away, but we're just gonna kill them later. They're all gonna die."

As for his character's beachy shirts? "I wear these anyway," Campbell says. "I've never found one I didn't like. You shoot in Miami, you're gonna sweat. I don't care if you're a skinny guy, fat guy, white guy, black guy. I can sweat through anything."

In fact, it's Sam's "no-sweat" philosophy that makes him attractive. And Campbell is happy with his lot. No desire to be the star. "No way. I'll always be the sidekick, because I'm home swimming in my pool, and he's still working."

Finally, there is Miami itself. The show is shot outdoors 60 per cent of the time. "Miami is a character of the show," Campbell says. "We are perpetuating every cliche about Miami. The travel bureau of Florida should give us a million dollars every year."

Burn Notice, Season 1, makes its network premiere in Canada tonight at 10 on Showcase.

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