Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Featured Video: The Evil Dead (Sweded)

Here's probably the end-all Sweded film from me. I just don't think we could top this.

It's The Evil Dead (with a few choice bits stolen from Evil Dead 2). We shot this in Ethan Cockerham's old house that is abandoned and it was SCARY AS HELL. There were HUGE spiders and rat droppings everywhere. The paint and wallpaper was peeling off and it was amazing. We absolutely trashed that place. We cut up a door so it would shut, the carpet in the main room we shot in was absolutely soaked in Karo Syrup.

Very tough shoot, it rained 90% of the time (over 2 nights of shooting). One cast member got drunk before the first shot, another was 2 hours late both nights. We also had half of the first days shooting ruined by a technical error (the video was all pixelated and the audio was messed up).

But we got it done, by the deadline for the Sweded Horror Festival run by the Shadowbox.

Check it out!



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