Thursday, September 16, 2010

Nathan Fillion: the new Bruce Campbell?

Charlotte Stear writes:
Two actors starring in very different films and shows, but there are numerous similarities between Nathan Fillion and Bruce Campbell, Charlotte reckons...

A theory has been formulating in my head for a long time now. Every time Nathan Fillion pops up in a film or on the TV, I can't help but think of similarities to Bruce Campbell.

No one should take this as an insult, since Nathan Fillion has become more mainstream than Campbell and has clocked up over 500,000 followers on his personal Twitter page. Yet for me, his career choices and his dedication to his fan mirror that of Bruce.

This is a good thing, given that Mr Campbell is a legend and all-round cult icon, as is the mighty Mr Fillion. Thus, I figured I should explain my theory in a little more detail...

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