Thursday, October 14, 2010

2 Featured Videos: Keiji Inafune Meets Bruce Campbell at New York Comic Con and The Possessed (1974)

It had to happen eventually, and at New York Comic Con, the timing was just right. Dead Rising creator Keiji Inafune finally got to meet Evil Dead star Bruce Campbell! Keiji made sure to give Bruce a copy of Dead Rising 2 to check out, and they even took a photo together. It's a brief video, but the meeting HAD to happen.

This stuff is magic, people!

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It's hard not to think of Sam Raimi's EVIL DEAD (made a full 7 years later) when you see this scene from THE POSSESSED (aka Help! I'm Possessed!) from 1974. An unseen force chases it's victim through the woods, she finds refuge in an old cabin, stunning special effects scare all who view it. (OK, maybe not that last part).

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