Monday, October 25, 2010

eBay: Bruce Campbell Lot of 5 Original Photos Brisco County

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Lot of 5 b&w photographs from THE ADVENTURES OF BRISCO COUNTY JR.

Size of photo (approximate): 8x10 inches

Subject(s) shown: BRUCE CAMPBELL

Approximate year printed/created: 1994

Condition: Excellent

Extra info: Outstanding lot of RARE photos, most never before seen, shot and printed during the original run of the show! There is no caption or press release attached, as these are not part of the generally released press kit. However, four of them have a handwritten notation on back identifying the roll and frame number. Cult favorite tv and movie star Campbell is in every shot. Some scenes also show guests, including Julius Carry in one and Sheena Easton in another. These are original photos and not a later reprints (or re-photographed prints). The words 'auction photo' do not actually appear on the pictures, just in this eBay listing.

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