Wednesday, October 6, 2010

'The Evil Dead' Blu-Ray Really Limited After All?

David Harley
I usually view limited edition releases as a distributor ploy to have fans run their asses down to their local DVD mart on the day of release. Let's be honest here: even though some of them are amazing (I treasure my Blade Runner briefcase), most so-called "limited editions" hang around for at least six months to a year before disappearing, while others hang around indefinitely. Very rarely do you see one go OOP in a month, but that is apparently the case with Anchor Bay's sublime The Evil Dead Blu-Ray, released on August 31, 2010. forums have been buzzing with reports of major retailers ( among them) now selling the film sans the second disc. Best Buy is selling the Blu-Ray this week for $9.99, and consumers are finding two-discs mixed in at some locations. So, here is your warning before the inevitable double dip comes out next year: if you want the special features disc, run out and grab it before it's too late.


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