Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Evil Dead, The Living Dead and the dead wrong

Phelim O'Neill writes:

Hard to believe now, but back in the early 1980s Britain was under attack. A sustained attack from a foe more insidious and corrupting than anything that had assailed our shores before; a demonic force that destroyed our mental health, that could deprave all who came into contact with it. Highly scientific studies proved beyond all doubt the peril we were all in, especially our children and even our pets. This was the menace that came from something called a "Video Nasty".

There are two things you should know about that opening paragraph: firstly, everything in it was at one time believed by our leaders of the day (yes, even the bit about pets). And second, they were completely wrong on every count. It was a shameful period in our recent history, but not for the reasons they would have you think. Now, with the release of the incredibly informative and entertaining DVD Video Nasties: The Definitive Guide, for the first time the complete gory story can be told.

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