Tuesday, November 30, 2010

USA's 'Burn Notice' Prequel Starring Bruce Campbell Is A Go; Jeffrey Donovan To Direct

Nellie Andreeva writes:
USA has given a formal green light to the Burn Notice movie prequel starring Bruce Campbell, which will be directed by Burn Notice star Jeffrey Donovan. The two will also executive produce with Burn Notice creator Matt Nix, who wrote the movie, and the series exec producer Mikkel Bondesen. The untitled two-hour film, which was announced at this year's Comic-Con, will begin shooting in January on location in Bogota, Columbia for a premiere in Spring 2011. Burn Notice has wrapped production on Season 4, and filming on Season 5 is slated to begin shortly after the movie finishes shooting.

Here are more details about the Fox TV Studios-produced prequel. It is set in late 2005 and focuses on Sam Axe's (Campbell) last mission as a Navy SEAL. It begins after a faction of Colombian rebels makes trouble for the locally stationed military platoon, with Lieutenant Commander Axe being sent down to investigate. As the mission unfolds, Sam begins to uncover the dark secrets of the area, learning the truth about sacrifice, deception, and ultimately what’s worth fighting for.

Click Here To Read More - Source: www.deadline.com

Evil Dead: The Musical - Opens December 1st, Andreas Theatre, Minnesota State University, Mankato, MN

Individual tickets for Evil Dead: The Musical are $9.00 regular, $8.00 for senior citizens, youth 16 and under and groups of 15 or more, $7.00 for current Minnesota State students. They are on sale Sept. 22; visit our Tickets page. Get more information about tickets.

Source: www.mnsu.edu

Who wants some?

Just having some fun with adobe flash.

Ash from Army of Darkness.

Source: toonerfishProduction

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Geek Gear: ‘Army Of Darkness’ My Boomstick T-Shirt

Click to enlarge image:

Empress Eve writes:
Shop smart, shop S-Mart

The t-shirt deal of the day over at RIPT Apparel today is an Army Of Darkness-inspired shirt called “My Boomstick.”

The tee, by artist D4N13L, is on sale at RIPT only for today, Saturday November 27, 2010 until tomorrow at 1AM EST.

The t-shirt is available in both men’s and women’s sizes for $10. Kids sizes are $15; Onsies are $18. You can also get the design on a Hoodie for $38 (in Men/Unisex sizes).

About the design, the artist said: Who doesn’t know Ash from the Evil Dead series? who doesn’t know what a “boomstick” is? To all those who knows this, enjoy it. All of you who don’t, shame on you!

If you’re a fan of Ash from the Evil Dead movies, you will love this shirt, which is a mock-up of an ad for a top of the line “Boomstick,” Ash’s weapon of choice in the third film, Army Of Darkness, where he held up the shotgun, proclaiming “This is my boomstick!” I love the fact that this ad from S-Mart, which is where Ash works, has a deal that if you buy the Boomstick, you buy a chainsaw for only $9.95 (the chainsaw plays a major role in this film trilogy).

Source: geeksofdoom.com

Click Here To Purchase - Source: riptapparel.com

Friday, November 26, 2010

eBay: Rare Greek Promo DVD: "The Evil Dead" (1981) & "Nanou" (1986)

Click to enlarge images:

You are bidding on a rare Greek promo DVD with the movies:

"The Evil Dead" (1981)

& "Nanou" (1986)

This is an official 100% legal promotional copy. Not bootleg, DVD-R or cheap Asian copy

Item was circulated via the newsagent network in Greece.

Region: ALL - plays on all PAL players worldwide

also can be played on any PC

Packaging: Cardboard Sleeve, description partly in Greek.

(scans show the actual 2 sides of the disc-
this is the item you will get)

Condition: Excellent! Never been played!

Click Here To Bid - Source: ebay.com

Thanks Anthony K.!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sam Raimi & Scott Spiegel as Groucho Marx and Tor Johnson

Finally a good quality version! Evil Dead 2 co-writers Sam and Scott re-enact a bit of Tor Johnson and Groucho Marx. From the "Plan 9 Companion" featurette. Their bit comes in around 32 seconds, after the intro.

Source: ThisIsMyBoomStick

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ghost House Underground Back with Stag, Psych

The Ghost House Underground legacy lives on with two new titles selected by the likes of Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert.

Lionsgate Home Entertainment will release Stag Night, on February 15, and Psych: 9 on February 22 under the GH label.

In the former, a group of friends head to the city for a bachelor party, they stall in an abandoned subway station. The group soon finds themselves the target of a gruesome manhunt when a secret gang of cannibal dwellers living in the tunnels discovers them. Vinessa Shaw, Kip Pardue and Breckin Meyer star.

Cary Elwes and Sara Foster star in Psych: 9 as two strangers connected in a recently closed down hospital. A young unstable woman who works the nightshift experiences a chain of events that lead her to believe that the hospital is connected to a string of murders. To reveal the truth, she must first confront her own disturbed past.

Source: shocktillyoudrop.com

eBay: Evil Dead 2 Movie Poster Japanese and Groovy Evil Dead Poster by James Rheem Davis

Click to enlarge images:

Beautiful original Japanese Movie Poster for Sam Raimi's Evil Dead 2. It measures 51 x 72 centimeters which equals approximately 20 x 28.5 inches. This is standard B2 size (aka hansai size). This is an original poster - not a reproduction or copy!

Click Here To Bid Or Purchase - Source: ebay.com

Super-Limited SIGNED AND NUMBERED James Rheem Davis "Groovy Evil" The Evil Dead Movie Series ("The Evil Dead", "Evil Dead 2 II: Dead by Dawn", and "Army of Darkness") Tribute Movie Poster / Art Print, Super-Limited Signed and Numbered with Glow-in-the-Dark GID / GITD Limited to Only 50 Copies and is a 3-Color Screenprint Printed on Heavy White Poster Stock! This Poster Glows Heavily in the Dark, Nearly the Entire Poster Glows, and the Attention to Detail is Amazing, Showing Scenes from All 3 Evil Dead Movies! Poster was Created for the "I Love Halloween Art Show" and is nearly impossible to find - you will probably not see another one of these come up for sale! Poster Artist is James Rheem Davis, who has done several posters for the Alamo Drafthouse and Movie Theater, the Colony Theatre / Cinema Overdrive and other Movie and Concert / Gig Posters and is rapidly rising star in the poster world. Print measures 24 x 36 inches and is Numbered out of Only 50 and Hand-Signed!

Click Here To Bid - Source: ebay.com

Featured Videos: Boomstick Final and Duke Nukem VS Ash

Currently the final stage for my final animation on the the Army of Darkness boomstick. In full HD glory. You can see the various stages of the the animation as i worked through and polished it in the other videos. I had alot of fun on this one, and might come back to this to work up the background as well as the lighting, but that wont be for a while. This was made in Autodesk Maya 2011

Source: GameGeared

This is Duke Nukem VS Ash (from Evil Dead)

Source: southweststrangla420

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Plot details emerge for the Sam Raimi produced Dibbuk Box

Jared Pacheco
Earlier this month we learned that the Sam Raimi produced DIBBUK BOX would be hitting us just in time for Halloween next year. Now that's all fine and dandy... but what is this bad larry about?

Actually we know what it's about, give or take... What we really want to know is some details! And guess what folks, we've got exactly that for you all today courtesy of the guys over at Blooody-Disgusting. Why beat around the bush any longer? Check it:

The film will follow Clyde Breneck and his 10-year-old daughter, Em, who purchases an antique box at a yard sale (while the real-life story it took place on Ebay). With the box, Em accidentally releases an ancient spirit that has one goal: to devour her. Clyde must team work with his ex-wife to put an end to the curse.

Interesting. So we've got the basic 'evil-spirit-after-child' plotline going on. I can dig it. Hell, at least Sam Raimi has his hands in on this one. Ole Bornedal is taking on the directing duties for DIBBUK BOX with a script from Juliet Snowden & Stiles White. This shite has a release date pegged of October 28, 2011 so expect more on DIBBUK BOX soon!

Source: www.joblo.com

Monday, November 22, 2010

Bruce Campbell by sting-one | Famous People Cartoon | TOONPOOL

Click to enlarge image:

Bruce Campbell as Ash. This caricature won the 1st place at the Caricaturama Showdown 3000 Contest on Facebook.

Source: www.toonpool.com

Bruce Campbell | Cracked.com

Bruce Campbell, according to both IMDB and Wikipedia, is an American film & television actor. This is a bald-faced lie, as he is in fact the second coming of God.

Just The Facts
  1. Bruce Campbell is God. Don't act like you didn't know that.
  2. Bruce Campbell is famous for butchering hordes of zombies while Sam Raimi and his documentary crew film it.
  3. Bruce Campbell pondered becoming a professional wrestler but no one was able to perform a simple chinlock on him.
  4. Ignore the insane ramblings of Wikipedia, these are all the real true facts about Bruce Almighty. The real one, not the bendy douchebag.

Click Here For More - Source: www.cracked.com

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Reviews: Custom Evil Dead 2 Deadite Ash and Custom Army of Darkness Ash (1/6th scale)

This is a custom Evil Dead 2 Deadite Ash. The head, clothes and accesories made by BETOMATALI. Painted and assembled by me :) Thanks for watching and enjoy my review. Look out for my other Evil Dead customs too.

This is a custom Army of darkness Ash. The head was made by BETOMATALI. Painted and assembled by me :) Thanks for watching and enjoy my review. Look out for my other Evil Dead customs too.

Source: TheJackShow101

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Your Highness Trailer: The Next Army of Darkness?

io9.com writes:
At NYCC we dubbed Danny McBride's wonderfully raunchy Your Highness the next Army of Darkness. Now you can be the judge: Watch the red-band trailer, filled with weed-smoking muppets, magic, and Natalie Portman in a golden thong.

Your Highness will be in theaters April 8th, 2011.

Video Source: www.ign.com

Walk Among The 'Evil Dead' Quiz :: WRAL.com

wral.com writes:

Candy isn't the only Halloween leftover ...

Click Here To Take The Quiz

eBay: Evil Dead 2 (Joseph LoDuca) Very Rare Mint LP and Darkman Original Movie Poster

Click to enlarge images:





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Mentos Commercials: Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness

Source: therickoning

Source: hdglaxwarrior

Monday, November 15, 2010

ArrowInTheHead.com - Dissecting The Director: Sam Raimi

Marcey Papandrea writes:
There are two things which come to mind when the words Sam Raimi appear, horror and Spider-man. Certainly for me, horror comes to mind first, as that is how I first discovered him (at that time Spider-man wasn't even a glimmer in his eye). What sets him aside from the other director's who have tackled the genre, is his amazing ability to balance horror and comedy successfully. While not all of his films have that comedy element, those that do tend to be the ones we remember. He is a very versatile director, having dipped his feet in many other genres including crime, adventure and the western. He has proven himself as quite the talent, one that continuously impresses and entertains me.

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Featured Item: Bruce Campbell Ash Army of Darkness Evil Dead OOAK Doll

Click to enlarge images:

This UNREAL ASH doll is not a play thing. For display only. Not recommended for children. This doll was created by a Professional horror/ sci-fi artist doll maker, a tribute to ASH from the motion picture "EVIL DEAD" & "ARMY OF DARKNESS" Doll is approx 18 inches tall. Great collector item, looks much better in person has great detail.

Click Here To Purchase - Source: ebay.com

Evil Dead GMod

so many views on the Turok dino models! thank you guys!

as a request, i've put together a short vid with the cabin and props from the Evil Dead movies.

being a Evil Dead nerd myself i had to get it XD

so here it is! ENJOY!



Shotgun(actual SWEP, but you can find it in browse menu if you wanna spawn a world model prop)

Music:- .....(well you find it under the vid but heres the link anyways ^__^)Building the Deathcoaster-ARMY OF DARKNESS SOUNDTRACK

P.S:- the music was synced up perfectly to the vid, but good ol' youtube messed it up, but i guess it sounds ok : /


Source: stealthsniper444

Friday, November 12, 2010

Evil Dead: The Musical -- AUDITION Promo (Pasadena, TX) and Caricature of Bruce Campbell

EVIL DEAD: THE MUSICAL auditions are Jan. 18th and 19th at 7pm at San Jacinto College Central in the Powell Arena Theatre.

Source: CrazyRavenProd

A caricature of cult horror Actor Bruce Campbell. (reupload)

Source: Jacesfaces

eBay: Army of Darkness Trailer

Click to enlarge images:


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Thanks Anthony K.!

Self-made Deathcoaster for Army of Darkness Board Game

Click to enlarge image:

Self-made Death Mobile

Source: www.boardgamegeek.com - fraludico

Thursday, November 11, 2010

In memoriam: producer Dino De Laurentiis

Dino De Laurentiis, producer of such films as Barbarella, The Dead Zone and Hannibal, has sadly passed away.

Producing more than 500 movies over almost 60 years, Dino De Laurentiis became famous for his grand, sweeping epics such as The Bible: In The Beginning, Battle Of The Bulge and the 1976 remake of King Kong.

Nevertheless, De Laurentiis’ most interesting and fondly remembered films were smaller in scale. 1973’s Serpico, directed by Sidney Lumet, boasted a remarkable performance from Al Pacino, while 1983’s The Dead Zone paired director David Cronenberg with Christopher Walken in unforgettable style.

Inevitably for such a prolific producer, not everything De Laurentiis’ fingers touched turned to gold – Flash Gordon, Dune and Maximum Overdrive (writer Stephen King’s first and only directorial credit) all underperformed at the box office – films such as Death Wish, King Kong and, most recently, Hannibal, were huge commercial successes.

De Laurentiis also produced such cult classics as Barbarella, Sam Raimi’s classic sequels Evil Dead 2 and Army Of Darkness, and the Wachowski brothers’ noirish debut, Bound.

Dino De Laurentiis died today, aged 91.

Source: www.denofgeek.com

SciFiNow - Interview: Bruce Campbell talks about the original Evil Dead and the planned remake…

Interview Excerpt:
Can you discuss the progress of the fourth Evil Dead movie?

Bruce Campbell: Well, that one – people are going to have to wait on that one, because Sam and I are still working. I have a day job now with a TV show called Burn Notice and that takes up about seven or eight months out of my year, so it doesn’t leave a lot of time to make an Evil Dead movie in between. Each of those movies takes about two years. And Sam, as you know, is making a lot of A pictures right now. He’s got some time ahead of him before we can do that. Actually, we are kind of pitching towards a remake, though, much more seriously. We now have a story for the remake and we might go into production as early as next year.

Do you have a script ready for that, then?

Bruce Campbell: We have a story, not a script. We’re slowly getting there.

Click Here To Read More - Source: www.scifinow.co.uk

Burn Notice Marathon Today on USA


Thursday, November 11 · 6:00am - 10:00pm

All new episode tonight at 10/9C

Click Here For USA's TV Schedule

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Army of Darkness (1992), Ash (Bruce Campbell's) Complete Costume

Click to enlarge image:

This is the distressed medieval style costume used by Bruce Campbell as "Ash" in the 1992 film "Army Of Darkness" This bloody, tattered and torn costume is complete and includes Ash's pants, belt, cape, cape clasp, and bloody shirt. This particular costume was used during the Deadites attack to retrieve the Necronomicon.

Source: www.yourprops.com - rbford

See also: Featured Prop: Army of Darkness (1992), Bruce Campbell's Ash costume

2 Featured Videos: Evil Dead HBO Home Video Trailer and B Movie Mania -"Moon Trap"

Source: FabianoMM1980

B Movie Mania - "Moon Trap" (Season 2 - Episode #7 - Pt. 1 of 2 -1989)

Part 2

eBay: The Evil Dead Trucker Baseball Hat and FEAR Magazine #15, Darkman, Sam Raimi

Click to enlarge images:

Used The Evil Dead one size (adjustable back) mens or womens truckers mesh back baseball cap hat. made by San Sun. only used as decoration. perfect for those Horror fans or fants ot The Evil Dead!

Click Here To Bid - Source: ebay.com

This item is 100% complete; There is nothing cut out or missing.

Click Here To Purchase - Source: ebay.com

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Seattle Times: ZomBcon | Bruce Campbell

Actor Bruce Campbell of 'The Evil Dead' films and current television series 'Burn Notice' talks with Cheezy Flicks host Luna Moon at the First Annual ZomBcon in Seattle at Seattle Center.

Source: seattletimes.nwsource.com

NOSTALGIA! mini: The Evil Dead (Evil Chin) and Evil Dead Review

Just in time for halloween, episode eight of NOSTALGIA! mini is our review of the eternal classic "The Evil Dead" starring the amazing Bruce Campbell. This is also the first episode featuring 16 year old horror film fan and founding member Charis Zina. While this is our episode eight, it is also the first review in our Halloween special. To see episodes 9 and 10, you have to watch the special!

Source: headlesscritic

This is one f*cked up movie

Source: getOFFmyMILK

Monday, November 8, 2010

Geek Gear: ‘Army Of Darkness’ Meets ‘Doom’ In $9 ‘Boom’ T-Shirt

Click to enlarge images:

Empress Eve
This is my boomstick!

If you know what the means, then you’re going to love this new t-shirt up for sale today.

Teefury‘s t-shirt of the day is a mash-up for fans of both the film Army Of Darkness and the video game Doom.

For only $9, plus a small shipping cost, you can get this new BOOM t-shirt, designed by artist Jimiyo.

The shirt has the word BOOM in the style of the Doom logo, with a silhouette of Bruce Campbell’s Army Of Darkness character Ash holding up a shotgun in the iconic pose from the third Evil Dead film where he’s warning the medieval villagers that the gun is his “boomstick.”

The sale at Teefury began at midnight (November 8, 2010) and will continue for 24 hours, but once it’s over, it’s gone forever, so grab it now if you want it.

Source: geeksofdoom.com

Click Here To Purchase - www.teefury.com

Friday, November 5, 2010

Danny Hicks Interview ZomBcon 2010 - MacGuffin Film Podcast

Spencer Fornaciari of MacGuffin Film Podcast interviews Danny Hicks (Evil Dead 2, Darkman, Intruder, Spider-man 2, Dead Season) at the 2010 ZomBcon.

Source: macguffinpodcast

Fangoria: New “INTRUDER” discs and more coming from Synapse Films

Fango got some bloody good news from Don May Jr. of Synapse Films, who gave us the scoop on a trio of titles the company has acquired for disc release next year. One of them is Scott Spiegel’s INTRUDER, the supermarket slasher flick that marked the first official credit for KNB EFX.

INTRUDER (pictured), first released in 1989, was produced by Lawrence Bender prior to his long association with Quentin Tarantino and features brief appearances by Sam and Ted Raimi and Bruce Campbell. “We have uncovered the the original film materials,” May tells Fango, “and are in the process of scanning the uncut version in 2K HD. It’s early, for sure, but we plan on some exciting extras to be produced by Michael Felsher’s Red Shirt Pictures. This one deserves a place on every gore fan’s shelf and to be remastered properly, and is a nice companion to our upcoming release of THOU SHALL NOT KILL…EXCEPT release [also made by the Raimi camp]. We’re planning a Blu-ray and DVD release for 2011.”

Click Here For More - Source: www.fangoria.com

Vizion Magazine/ Betsy Baker Interview

Watch as Vizion Magazine writer, Patrick Monroe, interviews actress Betsy Baker, one of the stars of "The Evil Dead", and the star of the upcoming movie, "2084"

Source: wavwarrior2002

Tom Sullivan at Crypticon Horror Con 2010 this Weekend

Crypticon Horror Con 2010
Nov 5-6-7
Sheraton Bloomington Hotel
Minneapolis South
7800 Normandale Blvd.
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55439
Phone: (952) 835-7800

Tom Sullivan and Pat Reese and Movie Memorabilia Museum and Art Print Gallery make a triumphant return to Crypticon

Source: www.darkageproductions.com

Cool Army of Darkness T-Shirt

Click to enlarge image:

An excellent Evil Dead Army of Darkness T-Shirt design by Queen Mob.

This is a homage to the wonderful Bruce Campbell who I met at the comic con and at the same time to the beautiful art of Mike Mignola.

Source: www.liveforfilms.com

Thursday, November 4, 2010

More Video from Zombcon 2010 Seattle

Bruce Campbell introduces The Evil Dead at ZomBcon on October 30th, 2010.

Source: solowcx

John Portanova of MacGuffin Film Podcast interviews Betsy Baker (The Evil Dead, 2084) at the 2010 ZomBcon.

Source: macguffinpodcast

Spencer Fornaciari of MacGuffin Film Podcast interviews Ted Raimi (The Evil Dead, Spider-man, Xena: Warrior Princess) at the 2010 ZomBcon.

Source: macguffinpodcast

John Portanova of MacGuffin Film Podcast interviews Timothy Patrick Quill (Army of Darkness, Spider-Man, Dead Season) at the 2010 ZomBcon.

Source: macguffinpodcast

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Showcase Blog : Bruce Almighty; or how Burn Notice's Bruce Campbell became a cult icon

Joshua Ostroff writes:
"B-movie actor" is intended to be an insult. And it probably is, unless that B stands for Bruce Campbell. Since starring as chainsaw-armed Ash debuting in Sam Raimi’s 1981 horror-comedy classic The Evil Dead, Campbell has become the cult icon's cult icon.

Click Here To Read More - Source: www.showcase.ca

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Evil Dead Wedding Renewal Ceremony

This is the Evil Dead Wedding Renewal Ceremony by Bruce Campbell and Ted Raimi.

Source: mikeahfi

See also: Geekscape Exclusive: Renew Your Vows The Bruce Campbell (and Ted Raimi) Way! - Source: geekscape.net

Bruce Campbell & Evil Dead cast at Zombcon 2010 Seattle

Some highlights from Bruce Campbell & The Evil Dead cast reunion at Zombcon 2010

Source: mark256

Monday, November 1, 2010

Evil Dead Necronomicon Costume

My absolute all time favorite movies are the Evil Dead/ Army of Darkness "trilogy". For a fast and cheap costume this year I used the Book of the Dead, the Necronomicon as inspiration.

I gave myself one week and $50 to pull this one off.

Click Here For More Info - Source: www.instructables.com

Zombie wedding is 'dream come true' for Seattle couple

Click to enlarge images:

Lloyd Pritchett writes:
SEATTLE - The bride wore white - stained with blood. The groom was disemboweled. And the wedding party lurched and stumbled through the ceremony, some holding detached body parts.

View more photos of ZomBCon and the zombie wedding »

It was a zombie wedding, held at the first annual ZomBCon Saturday night at Seattle's Experience Music Project.

The "zombies" weren't the actual living dead. But the ceremony was the real thing.

Cult movie star and newly ordained minister Bruce Campbell officiated at what was called 'Evil Dead' wedding - named after the movie trilogy.

Click Here To Read More - Source: www.komonews.com