Monday, November 8, 2010

Geek Gear: ‘Army Of Darkness’ Meets ‘Doom’ In $9 ‘Boom’ T-Shirt

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Empress Eve
This is my boomstick!

If you know what the means, then you’re going to love this new t-shirt up for sale today.

Teefury‘s t-shirt of the day is a mash-up for fans of both the film Army Of Darkness and the video game Doom.

For only $9, plus a small shipping cost, you can get this new BOOM t-shirt, designed by artist Jimiyo.

The shirt has the word BOOM in the style of the Doom logo, with a silhouette of Bruce Campbell’s Army Of Darkness character Ash holding up a shotgun in the iconic pose from the third Evil Dead film where he’s warning the medieval villagers that the gun is his “boomstick.”

The sale at Teefury began at midnight (November 8, 2010) and will continue for 24 hours, but once it’s over, it’s gone forever, so grab it now if you want it.


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