Thursday, November 11, 2010

SciFiNow - Interview: Bruce Campbell talks about the original Evil Dead and the planned remake…

Interview Excerpt:
Can you discuss the progress of the fourth Evil Dead movie?

Bruce Campbell: Well, that one – people are going to have to wait on that one, because Sam and I are still working. I have a day job now with a TV show called Burn Notice and that takes up about seven or eight months out of my year, so it doesn’t leave a lot of time to make an Evil Dead movie in between. Each of those movies takes about two years. And Sam, as you know, is making a lot of A pictures right now. He’s got some time ahead of him before we can do that. Actually, we are kind of pitching towards a remake, though, much more seriously. We now have a story for the remake and we might go into production as early as next year.

Do you have a script ready for that, then?

Bruce Campbell: We have a story, not a script. We’re slowly getting there.

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