Friday, January 28, 2011

[Sid] Army of Darkness: Ash

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This character has been on my list for a long time now, and my recent revelation of mini-muggs and other small vinyls, gave me a great chance to work on this character, Ash from Army of Darkness. I've also been waiting to make a custom that would give me a chance to incorporate magnets into the custom, and Ash's removable chainsaw was a perfect fit. So yes the mini chainsaw is fully detachable and is magnetic. Also Included on this custom are real leather straps and a gun sheath made out of felt. I really enjoyed working on the character itself and it also gave me a good excuse to watch the movie a couple times over, haha. Someone said it would be cool to make a base for him, So I used the poster art for my inspiration on the base he stands on. The base is a mound of dirt, with skeleton pieces resting in a pile then behind them is his car that he's stands on in the poster. Im very pleased with how everything came together and turned out in the end, I hope you guys like him too! This guy is also available for purchase, if anyone is interested just send me a pm. Thanks in advance!

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