Tuesday, February 8, 2011

“Arm of Darkness” - Oscar-Nominated Movie Poster Mashups

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Chris Plante writes:

Movie title puns are rarely funny on their own, but turn those same puns into photoshopped posters and you’re halfway to a viral hit.

Just ask Empire Online, whose users have mashed up this year’s Oscar nominees with some favorite films of yore to produce faux-posters that are funny (“Trueman Grit”), nostalgic (“Fight of the Navigator”) and surreal (“No True Greet No Surrender”).

Our favorite poster is “Arm of Darkness,” a shop of the original “Army of Darkness” poster with Bruce Campbell’s head replaced by James Franco’s noggin — a wink at “127 Hours” graphic arm removal conclusion.

The “Arm of Darkness” tagline: “How can you destroy an arm that’s already dead?”

Visit Empire to see all 41 posters and let us know your favorite.

Source: www.nextmovie.com

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