Monday, February 7, 2011

GREEN LANTERN Ash Williams from Army of Darkness Custom Action Figure

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Info from creator blaynescott:
Thrown between dimensions on his quest to rid the multiverse of deadites, Ash Williams now wages a war against the Black Lantern Corp. as a surly servant of Oa. Word is, on his first week of duty, he was punched out by Batman. Twice.


DCUC Starman (variant) – pants/shoes/lower arms
DCUC Hal Jordan (GL 5-pack) – torso/upper arms/ring
McFarlane Movie Maniacs Ash – Chainsaw hand (modified)
NECA S-Mart Ash – neck, left & hands (modified), Shotgun (stock)
ML Bishop – Shotgun (barrels, spliced with NECA stock)
DCD Green Lantern stand (not pictured)
DCD Kyle Rayner – Lantern Battery
Numerous Rare Earth Magnets from Gaussboys – embedded in both alt. hands, and in the palm/stock of the gun to aide in holding the shotgun.

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