Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Army of Darkness iPhone Game: Hands-On Preview and Video

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Chris Reed writes:

This morning we met with developer Backflip Studios (the makers of Paper Toss: World Tour, Ninjump, and Ragdoll Blaster 2), and they surprised us by announcing that they're working on a game called Army of Darkness. Just as we hoped, it's a licensed title based on the 1992 horror/ comedy movie starring Bruce Campbell.

Army of Darkness, the game, is set during the scene from the movie when Ash and co. are defending the medieval castle against a huge number of undead baddies called Deadites. You'll control Ash, who you can equip with several different weapons, including, of course, a chainsaw and a shotgun (aka boomstick). Every enemy you massacre drops coins that you can use to summon all kinds of characters from the movie, including knights, mini-Ashes, and the dumpy Oldsmobile.

As you battle through the 50 levels included in the game, you'll hear Ash deliver a large number of quotes from the movie. (If you haven't seen the movie, just know that it's packed end-to-end with memorable one-liners.

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Army of Darkness iPhone Game Hands-On Video:

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Bex said...

I hope they do a version for Droid users!