Monday, March 21, 2011

Bruce Campbell Gives Scoop on 'Burn Notice' Movie

Mike Rothman writes:
As anticipation builds for the "Burn Notice" prequel: "The Fall of Sam Axe," bits of information are being released by USA and cast members. We decided to cut to the chase and get the information from Sam Axe himself. Yes, City's Best grabbed a few minutes with Bruce Campbell after filming in Colombia to talk about the new movie, what it means to the upcoming season five, and even where he likes to relax when he's not portraying Michael Westen's righthand man. His answers may surprise you.

What are the basics of the movie?
It's a two-hour movie for USA to air April 17 at 9pm. It tells the story of Sam Axe's last mission and how he got to Miami ... Basically, Sam is screwing around with the Admiral's wife and he gets sent to Bogota, Colombia to get out of the Admiral's hair ... It goes sideways as they say in the business.

So Jeffrey Donovan (Michael Westen) is directing the movie?
Yeah, he directed an episode last year of "Burn Notice" and did a great job with it.

Why do a movie now?
Viewers wanted more because its cable and there are only 16 episodes instead of 22 every season. If you don't watch the movie, season five won't be the same ... Season five is going to be a different dynamic. Michael Westen's relationship with the CIA is improving, while Sam Axe's relationship with the CIA is not so good as you'll see in the movie.

Any surprises in the movie?
There's a special guest appearance, but I can't tell you who that is, spoiler alert!

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