Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Evil Dead Filming Location

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On October 22, 2010, one of my lifelong goals was finally accomplished. That was the day I set foot on the actual filming location of The Evil Dead.

My cousin and I took the approximate 600 mile pilgrimage only to stay for about 20 minutes. Long enough to take some photos.

Almost as soon as we got to the location, we heard what sounded like a vehicle stop up on the hill next to ours.

When we got back to the road, standing next to my car, was the owner. She was a nice lady that gave us a little history of the land and the cabin. She also threw in that it was private property. We thanked her for her time and told her sorry for any inconvenience. She told us that no harm was done.

I’m really glad that I got to visit the location. To tread on the same soil that my favorite director and actor treaded upon that launched their successful careers is an awesome feeling. And to be in THE actual spot where my favorite movie was made–the one that inspired me to pick up my own camera–well…I can’t explain it.

I’m glad I made the once in a lifetime trip!

While we were making our way down to the cabin site, we noticed that a lot of logging had been taking place. I asked the owner if she intended to log the main site and she told me no, she didn’t think so. Let’s hope she don’t!

Also while in Morristown, we ate at the famous Little Dutch Restaurant. Bruce Campbell and other cast and crew ate there while filming The Evil Dead. Hanging on the wall is a photo of Bruce and others associated with The Evil Dead visiting the restaurant on the night of the Morristown premiere.

A photo of Harrison Ford visiting the restaurant is also hanging on the wall.

They make a great cheeseburger!

The photo above is of me standing between the two “evil trees” right in front of where the cabin once stood.


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