Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bruce Campbell Talks to Fans on Reddit, Solidifies Coolness

Bruce Campbell -- star of the 'Evil Dead' trilogy, 'Spider-Man' cameos and TV's 'Burn Notice' -- is a god among men. The rare square-jawed, charming actor who seems almost too good to be true.

But for all those who don't believe that Campbell can plausibly exist, you'll be pained to know that he has done yet another cool thing to add the Cool Things Bruce Campbell Does list by having a day-long Q&A with his fans today on the Internet. Those who know Reddit, the community message board and news-sharing site where users can debate, spar and vote for "what's good and what's junk," probably already know that Bruce participated in an AMA.

What is an AMA? An AMA is an "Ask Me Anything," and, as of several hours ago, he has been available to answer such questions from Redditors as "At what point did you realize you had become a cult icon?" and "Does it hurt to be so awesome?" To celebrate this momentous day in Bruce Campbell history, here Moviefone's favorite responses from Mr. Ash Williams himself.

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