Thursday, June 9, 2011

Book Of The Dead Interviews Scott Spiegel


You can finally read the huge Scott Spiegel interview mentioned a few weeks back, via the 'Features' section, again sorry it's all taken so long!.

The interview spans much of his career, covering everything from his early Super-8 days, to his present work. Scott acted, directed, and assisted with numerous Super-8 productions, with title roles in It's Murder, Clockwork, and Within The Woods among many others, then assisting during post production on The Evil Dead, and taking larger production roles in Thou Shalt Not Kill... Except & Evil Dead II, then directing Intruder, and going on to forge a career in Hollywood, initially more as a writer, then moving further in to big-budget producing & directing. He is presently producer on the popular & lucrative Hostel franchise, and is fast becoming one of Hollywood's big hitters.

Click Here For The Interview!

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