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Shadows of the Damned: Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2 & Army of Darkness Tribute

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Where earlier levels of Shadows of the Damned reference the style of the Tarantinos and Tobe Hoopers (Texas Chainsaw Massacre), the third chapter features an extended tribute to Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2 and their director, Sam Raimi.

While he's better known now for his directing work on the Spider-man films, Raimi made his bones (no pun intended) writing, directing and producing the Evil Dead films. In the middle of Shadows of the Damned's third chapter, the Evil Dead worship isn't just evident, it assaults you. Running screaming through the woods, our hero Garcia (F*cking) Hotspur is fleeing the deranged corpse (possibly? Shadows wallows in nebulous explanations of weird sh*t) of his suicide girlfriend Paula, taking refuge in wooden cabins, screaming to the world "How do you stop them?" I had to stop and take a moment to process the familiarity, the audacious, wholesale lifting of visual cues, right down to the roaring intangible spirit trying to break down the cabin door.

Then an undead monster banged its head up into the cellar door and cackled maniacally, staring at Garcia through the crack left by the rope securing the portal, and I'm pretty sure it said something about swallowing my soul.

As a fan of Raimi's work, it's hard not to feel an overwhelming sense of kinship with Suda 51 for his clear love of Evil Dead ad infinitum.

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