Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sam Raimi on UK TV show Central Weekend - ('87?)

Part One:

Part Two:

Sam Raimi defends horror movies against pompous politicians who haven't even seen his films. I think this was just before Evil Dead II was released.



Jon Cross said...

It's both great that this has surfaced but sad, as a Brit, to see how pompous, ill-informed, stupid, tired and ridiculous our politicians are. We knew this but to be reminded of it in such depressing fashion is a shame. Also, the interviewer is taking the whole thing WAY to seriously. Thanks for posting though!

Anonymous said...

Sam's films were fantasy, and they were surreal, and they were VERY scary (at least EDI was). It is hard to argue, though, that they weren't gratuitous. I have always hated the 'tree rape' scene, and I think women are perfectly justified in feeling offended by it. And yes, there is a certain amount of desensitizing that occurs with horror films (just look at the SAW and HOSTEL franchises. Fans that are growing up on both series' will probably laugh out loud when they eventually see EDI). BUT, I don't believe that this desensitization affects sensitivity to REAL LIFE violence (and certainly doesn't encourage it).

The great majority of horror fans I know are repulsed by real life violence, and have a strong sense of right and wrong. Watching (admittedly violent) horror films has not robbed them of their ability to empathize with their fellow man, nor their ability be tactful and sensitive to the wishes of others who may not have use for this kind of material. Having said this, it is our responsibility as parents to regulate what our children see. An eight year old may not find the ridiculous hijinks of Evil Dead II as hilarious as you do. ANY films that I choose to show my children will be based on their emotional and psychological state along with their ability to discern reality from fantasy. It is my job to see that my son or daughter has NO access to this material until I deem otherwise, or they come of age. It is my job, and no one else's.

Also, that pompous prat comparing Sam Raimi to Joseph Goebbels is beyond ludicrous, and would do well to keep his misinformation to himself.