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Evil Dead News Exclusive: Interview with Cheryl Guttridge (Cheryl Klam)

Cheryl Guttridge starred in Sam Raimi's first short horror film Clockwork. She was a Fake Shemp in The Evil Dead and played Sally in Josh Becker's film Thou Shalt Not Kill... Except. She is now an author and has published 8 books under the name Margaret Allison and 2 books under her married name, Cheryl Klam. This exclusive interview was conducted via email the last week of October, 2011.

How did your acting career begin?

I was Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz in third grade. After that, I quickly became known as the school's official theater geek. There was no turning back.

Can you explain how you first met Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell, Scott Speigel and the rest of the gang?

The summer before I started high school, I was in a community theatre group that did the play "The Man Who Came to Dinner." I already knew Scott, who, like me, had been involved with this group for awhile. That year, the director was a college student Scott knew from high school (John Cameron) who had cast another guy who was home from college for the summer, Bruce Campbell, as the lead (Sheridan Whiteside, of course!) I was cast as June - (the ingenue). Sam was friends with Bruce, John and Scott and would stop by the theater occasionally to say hello. Actually--John might have convinced him to be part of the cast at some point - maybe that's why Sam was there. But that's how I got to know them all. We began to hang out after play practice and on the weekends we would go see movies and analyze them. I actually remember going to the drive-in with Sam, his date, Bruce...and me. Bruce and I were sitting in the back seat (of the famed Oldsmobile) at a drive-in filled with lovey-dovey couples on a Saturday night--which was slightly uncomfortable since not only were Bruce and I not dating - I was so intimidated by him that I barely spoke to him EVER. And he had no interest in me, whatsoever. Fortunately, that back seat was so big we didn't have to communicate or come within ten feet of each other the entire evening. It was like a scene from a sitcom.

Your best friend dated Sam Raimi, and you used to "tag along" on dates with the two of them. Did you ever think, as a passenger in that 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88, the car would become so iconic?

That's funny. No, I never did. But I must say, that middle back seat was very comfortable, especially when leaning into the front seat saying, "Hey guys, are we there yet? How 'bout now?"

You played the lead in Sam Raimi's first horror short Clockwork. The scene with the homeless man attacking you (played by Scott Spiegel) is quite violent. There is also a nice, effective twist ending. What do you remember of that shoot?

I remember that shoot very well. That was John Cameron's arm that grabbed me through the door. I remember Sam giving me notes on what he wanted me to do - I remember screaming at the top of my lungs and having a sore throat afterwards. I remember thinking "Dang--I am a really GREAT actress." I actually hadn't seen it until recently and when I showed it to my friend, she immediately started mocking my performance. I was shocked! And all this time I had thought I was so good. The screaming, the clutching, the falling....

In any case, those shoots were a lot of fun. It was always the same gang doing everything.

You "fake shemped" Linda's leg for the spider-web infection stop motion scene in The Evil Dead. Having to lay still for so long to shoot that scene caused you to become nauseous. You also subjected yourself to being covered with peat moss in Sam Raimi's garage, in 120 degree temperatures, again fake-shemping for Linda's character. It seems almost everyone physically suffered in some way to make The Evil Dead. How do you feel about those experiences, 30 years later?

I'm very glad I did it, needless to say. And even though I didn't exactly have a glamour bit, I really enjoyed hanging out with the guys and being part of the process.

That sounds very smart and perceptive. doesn't it? "a part of the process..." The truth of the matter was, I was in high school - getting paid to hang out with my friends! What could be better than that? Also, everyone was doing everything, so it didn't seem so odd that we were being asked to cover ourselves in peat moss in a garage that was hotter than any sauna. I recently found the notes from an "article" I wrote on Rob and the making of Evil Dead - it was written the month before the Evil Dead was released in the US. (It was never published - I wrote it for a college project.) In the interview, Rob talks about how, during the Evil Dead shoot, he was buried underneath an actress so that he could push her up out of the ground. Not a typical producer responsibility.

From reading different articles on the Internet, you obviously have had many interests other than acting. You majored in Political Science & Communication at Michigan University, and later pursued a career in writing. How did you decide on writing as a career, rather than politics or acting?

I liked acting - but I just felt more comfortable writing. I don't know that I was ever that interested in politics--but Michigan didn't have an undergraduate journalism degree (at that point I wanted to be a journalist) so I kind of figured Communication + Political Science = Journalism. I wanted to make sure that when I was hired for my anchor job at Sixty Minutes I'd be taken seriously. And when it became clear that I couldn't just make stuff up as a journalist, nor did it look like I'd ever get hired as one, I switched to fiction.

You wrote several romance novels under the pseudonym Margaret Allison. Now you write more teen oriented books under your married name, Cheryl Klam. How did you progress from romance novels to the current teen genre? Why did you choose to write under your married name and move away from the pseudonym?

My pseudonym was the idea of my editor at the time. She didn't really like either Guttridge or Klam as a last name. And switching to Young Adult was my agent's idea - and she wanted me to use my real name, as well. It seemed to make sense since it was a completely different genre.

Just to set the record straight, in "The Evil Dead Companion", it states that you wrote under the name of Margery Allingham. Your only pseudonym has been Margaret Allison, correct?

Really? I wonder where they got that name from. I actually like that name better! But no, Margaret Allison is the name I wrote under. It was my grandmother's name.

You have written a feature film that has been optioned and also a TV script. Were these projects made into movies or TV shows?

No. They're still floating around optionland.

Your current project is called ELUSION and is co-authored with Claudia Gabel. What is this book about?

It's an "Inception"-type futuristic thriller series about three teenagers attempting to solve a mystery with serious personal stakes--they're led inside an alternate reality game that transports them to a dangerously seductive Utopian world. It's very different from anything either Claudia or I have ever done before - we're both very excited about it.

Tim Quill, the Blacksmith from Army of Darkness, mentioned in a 2010 interview he was writing a script for a movie about Fake Shemps called The Shemps. Have you heard anything about this, and would this be something you would want to be a part of?

I had the pleasure of getting to know Tim when we were in Josh Becker's film Thou Shalt Not Kill. Congrats to him! The Shemps project sounds like a great idea, but I don't know anything about it. I don't live in LA or MI so I'm a little out of the loop. The filmmaker Ryan Meade was working on a project this summer about Tom Sullivan (the make up artist for the Evil Dead) and we tried to figure out a way for me to participate - but with my work schedule and the distance, it's tough.

Will you be "Fake Shemping" or have another role in Sam Raimi's upcoming Oz prequel?

Sadly, no. My chances of having a tall decaf skim latte with James Franco are slim to none.

How do you feel about The Evil Dead being remade?

I'm excited. I know that these guys waited a long time to do this because they wanted to make sure it was done right. I think it's going to be great.

Lastly, do you think you will ever write a book about the Super-8 days and your experiences with the Evil Dead gang?

I'm not sure there's a book there (at least a book solely from my perspective). But I have always thought it interesting that this whole group of guys from Detroit went from making low budget movies to being so successful in Hollywood. A lot of talented filmmakers came out of that gang: Sam, Bruce and Rob - but also Scott Spiegel, Josh Becker, John Cameron, Bill Prady and David Goodman....and even Joel and Ethan Coen were friends of theirs from way back (I think Ethan was as a film editor on the Evil Dead). In fact, I rode in the limo to the Detroit Evil Dead premiere with Sam, Rob--and Ethan Coen. Pretty funny. (Besides the limo, we also had the "rotating" spotlights and red carpet. It was all very 1980s Detroit-Hollywood.)

For more info on Cheryl, visit these sites:
Cheryl Klam's Facebook Page

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‘The Evil Dead’ Remake Synopsis Sounds a Lot Like ‘The Evil Dead’… Up to a Point

We’ve known since this summer that Fede Alvarez, director of the short Panic Attack, is going to direct a new version of Sam Raimi‘s breakout film The Evil Dead. Other than that basic report, and the fact that Alvarez, Rodo Sayagues and Diablo Cody all worked on the script, we haven’t known much about the movie. Now, thanks to the upcoming American Film Market, we’ve got a synopsis that makes the movie sound like a carbon copy of Raimi’s original. But a few more details that have come to light reveal ways in which the remake will veer off into slightly different territory.

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Bruce Campbell's secret blood recipe and other horrible makeup

Whether you prefer the shambling or sprinting camp, there’s no excuse to be a shoddy zombie at a Halloween party.

Sure, retail stores have stocked up on fake blood and latex applications this October, but those are the same pre-packaged apps anyone could buy and use. That’s not good enough for a dedicated nerd who wants to take their effects to the next level.

So we’ve assembled a few movie magic tips from makeup gurus who know how to make you look horribly awesome this Halloween.


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Reminder: Danny Hicks and Timothy Patrick Quill at the Kalamazoo Horror Fest - October 21-23


Negative Nancy Productions and Campus Pointe Mall are pleased to announce the annual “KALAMAZOO HORROR FEST” film festival. The event will take place October 21-23 in the Video Hits building at the northwest corner of Michigan and Howard.

Bringing together horror buffs and local filmmakers alike, the festival will feature screenings of the cult classics, “EVIL DEAD”, “SLEEPAWAY CAMP”, and “I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE” throughout the weekend.

Special guest panelists at Horror Fest include but are not limited to: Danny Hicks (Evil Dead 2), Beverly Randolph, John Philbin and Allan Troutman (Return of the Living Dead), Timothy Quill (Army of Darkness) Camille Keaton (I Spit On Your Grave) and Kalamazoo native Michael Perez (Sinners and Saints). Q & A sessions and meet and greets are also interspersed throughout the weekend.

In addition to the film vets, select featured artists, writers and connoisseurs of terror will interact with fans of the genre, with autographs available for a small fee. Costume contests will also be held Friday and Saturday.

For the more adventurous, the event will host a short film competition featuring up and coming local auteurs. All entries will be screened between 10 a.m – 7 p.m. on Sunday, October 23. The afternoon exposé will be promptly followed by a scream queen contest.

After parties to be held at Angels Gentlemen’s Club (Friday) and Metro (Saturday).

One day attendance passes are $10 ($8 w/student I.D.), weekend passes are available for $25. Autograph costs vary between $5 and $30.

Kalamazoo Horror Fest also would thank to thank their sponsors: Art and Soul, KD Sales, Video Hits, Trade World, Dirtnap Miller, Warlock Film, and Allied Capital.

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2 Featured Videos: Evil Dead 2 Chainsaw Project and Evil Dead Collection

Watch in HD. Upcoming Evil Dead 2 Chainsaw in the works. Fully accurate to the movie non and working ones coming soon.


evil dead stuff!


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25 Things You May Not Know About 'The Evil Dead'

Every horror fan and gorehound worth his or her weight in red-tinted corn syrup has seen 'The Evil Dead,' the landmark low-budget horror classic that debuted 30 years ago this week (on October 15, 1981) and launched the careers of director Sam Raimi and actor Bruce Campbell. But even fans of the 'Spider-Man' director, the 'Burn Notice' star, or the demonic-possession tale that gave them their start when they were still college students three decades ago may not know all the gory details behind the making of the movie -- the real-life ghost story behind the abandoned cabin where it was filmed, the horrors endured by the cast during the lengthy shoot, the high-profile fans who gave the movie a boost, and the ever-ongoing list of sequels and spinoffs (including a stage musical) that 'Evil Dead' continues to generate. Here are 25 things you may not have known about the zombie franchise that refuses to stay dead.

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Kassie Wesley DePaiva: Evil Dead 2 Reference on "One Life to Live", 10-13-2011

Blair: Did anybody never teach you to sneak up on people in the woods?! God! Didn't you see Evil Dead 2?

Occurs at the 1:50 mark.

Left for Evil Dead Teaser

Coming to a Left 4 Dead 2 near you, sooner than you think! For more details, visit


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Wednesday, October 12, 2011 Fangoria's Annual Movie Prop Auction - Army of Darkness Bruce Campbell Sword

Click to enlarge images:

Screen-used sword, made for Bruce Campbell in Army of Darkness. This foam prop sword is was constructed in one piece and painted to appear genuine onscreen. A length of black tape is around the handle. (35x7.5) Oversized item. Additional postage required.

Click Here To Bid! - Source: Fangoria's Annual Movie Prop Auction - Army of Darkness (1992) Pit Witch

Click to enlarge image:

Army of Darkness (1992) Pit Witch head and shoulders production- made (though not seen onscreen) casting, fully painted and topped off with gray faux-hair. A haggard, dark blue fabric wraps its shoulders. This is a different version of the makeup than is featured in the film and may reflect an earlier design of it. Oversized item. Additional postage required.

Click Here To Bid! - Source: Fangoria's Annual Movie Prop Auction - Pair of Evil Ash Hands, Screen Worn Armor & Deadite Spear Tip

Click to enlarge images:

A pair of gnarled, bloody production made hands for Evil Ash, the hideous doppelganger of Army of Darkness (1992). Not screen used. (15x8x1)

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Evil Ash screen worn forearm armor from Army of Darkness (1992). This hinged prop armor features a sinister spike sticking out of its top. Constructed of lightweight material and painted to resemble genuine armor when seen onscreen. In the film, Bruce Campbell's character Ash splits in two, one of his selves being good and the other an increasingly ugly evil. (11x6x5)

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Screen used Deadite spear tip used by the aforementioned fiends in Army of Darkness. This impressive, jagged metallic blade is without a handle but still looks suitably menacing. (34x9x2) Oversized item. Additional postage required.

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Bruce Campbell SplatterFest Q&A 2011

Filmed at the Alamo Drafthouse West Oaks; Splatter Fest in Houston, Texas. Saturday, October 1, 2011

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4


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Interview with Tom Sullivan at Cinema Wasteland - Oct 1, 2011


Evil Dead 2 Cabin Model (maquette)

cabine Evil Dead model (maquette) faite en sorte de polistyrène papier a découper au cutter et a coller .


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Evil Dead: The Musical - October 2011 Roundup

Onyx Theatre, Las Vegas, Nevada:

Evil Dead The Musical @ The Onyx Theatre

The Alley Theater, Louisville, Kentucky:

Theater: ‘Evil Dead: The Musical’ ain’t Shakespeare, folks

ArtsWest, Seattle, Washington:

Entertaining The Masses: Evil Dead, The Musical

Play On, Theatre at Ix, Charlottesville, Virginia:

'Evil Dead' gets musical approach at Play On

Off Center Theatre in Crown Center, Kansas City, Missouri:

Candarian Demons Invade Crown Center

The Valentine Theatre, Toledo, Ohio:

‘Evil Dead’ brings laughs and gore to the Valentine

City Theatre, Detroit, Michigan:

'Evil Dead: The Musical' Comes to Detroit:

Cabaret Oldtown, Wichita, Kansas:

'Evil Dead: The Musical' a sanguine spoof

Daisy's Madhouse, Boise, Idaho:




Evil Dead The Musical - Boise, Idaho
October 14,15,21,22,28,29 2011
Produced by Daisy's Madhouse