Wednesday, October 12, 2011 Fangoria's Annual Movie Prop Auction - Pair of Evil Ash Hands, Screen Worn Armor & Deadite Spear Tip

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A pair of gnarled, bloody production made hands for Evil Ash, the hideous doppelganger of Army of Darkness (1992). Not screen used. (15x8x1)

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Evil Ash screen worn forearm armor from Army of Darkness (1992). This hinged prop armor features a sinister spike sticking out of its top. Constructed of lightweight material and painted to resemble genuine armor when seen onscreen. In the film, Bruce Campbell's character Ash splits in two, one of his selves being good and the other an increasingly ugly evil. (11x6x5)

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Screen used Deadite spear tip used by the aforementioned fiends in Army of Darkness. This impressive, jagged metallic blade is without a handle but still looks suitably menacing. (34x9x2) Oversized item. Additional postage required.

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