Friday, December 9, 2011

Dynamite Entertainment's "Army of Darkness" is Going Serial! A Comic Book Preview

Thinking about next year already? Dynamite Entertainment's success with its Army of Darkness (AoD) license is going to get a regular series starting February 2012. This series will come out after "Danger Girl and the Army of Darkness" graphic novel releases mid January.

Writer Elliott Serrano (from the previous AoD releases) and artist Marat Mychaels ("Youngblood" and "Demonslayer") will provide an ongoing saga that promises to be a new chapter. As the evil of the Necronomicon spreads across the cosmos, a new ally in the war against the Deadites emerges. There is a woman going by the name of "Ash," and readers may very well ask what her relation is with the real "Chosen One?" Is Ashley J. Williams going to have competition? They will be answered in due time, as our accidental hero travels deep into a pyramid of Ancient Egypt in a parallel dimension in the first tale.

Serrano, in a public statement, says that he wants to take the world of Evil Dead into new directions. "We're going to meet new characters, face bigger baddies and explore what it truly means to be the ‘Chosen One.’ Starting with Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell, so many talented people have contributed to the mythos—not only in the movies but also in comics and video games—and living up to their efforts has been a real challenge. But I'm also drawing inspiration from those creators who've gone before me. As a HUGE AoD fan myself, I'm trying to tell a story that I would love to read!"

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