Thursday, December 22, 2011

Virgin Media - Burn Notice: Interview with star Bruce Campbell

Interview Excerpt:
You shot to fame as Ash in the Evil Dead film trilogy. What can you tell us about the remake you’re currently working on?

We're hot and heavy into pre-production right now. It's a fast-moving freight train. We have the script down to what we think is a really good draft.

You've said before that it won't feature your character Ash...

No, there's no character Ash. None of the original characters are in it. The original Evil Dead was about five kids who come across an evil, scary book and this is just going to be an updated version of that. This is a whole new story and Sam Raimi [original director], myself and Rob Tapert [original producer] are very involved in it so we're not really playing into any of the worries or anger that the Evil Dead fans have. We appreciate how they think the franchise is but, y'know, it's not their franchise. This is our movie, so we care whether it comes out good or not. And we just hope that, at the end of the day, people will say that it freaked them out as a horror movie.

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