Thursday, February 16, 2012

eBay: Rarest Unused Evil Dead Promo Picture and Rare Evil Dead 2 Promo Ad

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This is a VERY RARE UNUSED * EVIL DEAD * Promo Picture!

-Yes, I have was quite surprised when I found this! As many fans know, a few pics have been shot in the past, that were not taken from the actual film to then be used to promote the cult classic film by Sam Raimi entitled THE EVIL DEAD. But up to my knowledge, I have never seen this picture before...You can still see that they had "strapped" the skeleton hands onto the girl's legs, which would have logically been removed if the pic had been used.

-NOTE: ***This is a reproduction, reprinted digitally on solid glossy paper.

-You won't find this elsewhere in this form! A must for the true Evil Dead fan!

Rarity: You can see for yourself: just check out what is simply the most in-depth Evil Dead fan site and you will see that it is not even featured on it!

Size: 8.5"x 11"

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This is a RARE EVIL DEAD 2 * Promo Ad!

-Yes, this is a double page ad that was published in Daily Variety in 1984 (Hollywood's main entertainment business newspaper) when Sam Raimi & Co (Irvin Shapiro) were seeking financing to make a sequel to THE EVIL DEAD. As you can see, they already had the idea of putting the film in the medieval ages, even having the subtitle "Evil Dead and the Army of Darkness", and also having the balls of saying it was "in production"! As financing couldn't reach their goal, the team went on to "remake" their original film instead and introducing the medieval idea for a potential sequel at the end of the film.

-NOTE: ***This is a reproduction, reprinted digitally on strong glossy paper.

-You won't find this elsewhere in this form! A must for the true Evil Dead fan! AND I know, because I am the one who actually unearthed this piece back in the late 1990's.

I had to run through archival microfilms of the publication, reconstructed the image and corrected it. After tons of research and having personally contacted the proper Variety people, I was informed that they couldn't find back issues of the daily publications (at least from that time anyway)...

Having the original image would have made for a better transfer, but this is the best you will get.

-I have sold a few back in the day and have just recently seen I had another one left in my things, so I'm putting it up since it made me though of it when I found another rare pic promo pic of ED 1, which you can find HERE!

Rarity: A small pic has surfaced (with the wrong date), probably from a fan or the webmaster on the the most in-depth Evil Dead fan site:

Size: 11 x 17 (will be shipped rolled in a tube)

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