Monday, July 9, 2012

Bruce Campbell tells how he learned to stop worrying and go with the flow

LOS ANGELES - You have to leave Hollywood to be discovered there. At least that's what happened to longtime actor Bruce Campbell.

Campbell already enjoyed cult status as one of the stars and creators of the "Evil Dead" movie trilogy. He'd made those with his high school pal, Sam Raimi, and their partner Rob Tapert.

"After the 'Evil Dead' movies were over I had to learn how to be an actor for hire again," says Campbell, over a hearty breakfast in a corner cafe here.

"I wasn't used to that. I did a 'Knots Landing.' It was my first TV show in '87, two episodes. It was a horrifying experience. And not a good one because I was used to doing multiple takes, and you'd shoot film till you got it right. In television they'd go, 'How was the camera? Was it in focus? OK, let's go.' I thought, 'What kind of filmmaking is THIS?' So I didn't do TV for years after that. I hated it.

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