Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Bruce Campbell: 'I Can't Imagine What's Next!' |

Interview excerpt:
ETonline: You're also producing 2013's Evil Dead remake. The red band trailer was incredibly graphic and amazing. How are you feeling about it?

Campbell: That [trailer] is not false advertising. You're going to get more of that and you'll be sad and glad you got it. We've now shown it to an audience and the good news about the movie is when the lights come up, everybody's smiling. They're really energized by it. We're excited as hell.

ETonline: Is it a direct remake or more of a reimagining?

Campbell: It's my comfortable old shoe analogy. There will be many elements that are familiar – a cabin, a book, five kids, they unleash an ancient demon and are pretty sorry about it.

ETonline: There's no character named Ash in the remake, did you insist on that?

Campbell: Very much so. I don't want some actor to have to imitate what I did. Let them do their own thing, create their own characters. I think the explanation of going to this cabin is more sound this time around. The movie is really astute. We want to deliver a creepy, scary story in a way that might actually have more impact than the first one. This isn't a digital extravaganza – it's an old fashion monster movie with prosthetic makeup.

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