Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Bruce Campbell: Heroes And Inspirations

“Cult hero” is an overused phrase in pop culture commentary, but no two words better describe Bruce Campbell. He’s a genre icon, the man with the most famous chin in Hollywood and the star of some of horror cinema’s most revered cult classics. From The Evil Dead and Maniac Cop to Bubba Ho Tep and My Name Is Bruce, Campbell has starred in some of the best, and worst, films our genre has to offer, but each one will be remembered because of his participation.

When SFX speaks to Campbell, he’s in the final weeks of shooting for the latest season of his wildly successful TV series Burn Notice, in which he plays a washed up, heavy-drinking former super-spy. Campbell cites its portrayal of the “human side of spying” as what appealed to him – exactly what you would expect from a man who managed to make a goofball fight with his own severed hand believably human.

During our all-too-brief chat Campbell cites heroes and inspirations ranging from the great and the good of silent cinema to The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, from his first experiences in front of the big screen to what it means to be a hero today. Bruce Campbell may be one of a kind, but his influences are myriad. As a wise man once said, “Groovy.”

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