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What's up with the 'Evil Dead' cast?

After portraying Ash in 1981’s “The Evil Dead,” Bruce Campbell emerged as a B-movie favorite, and more recently has costarred in the USA network hit “Burn Notice.” and has guested recently on the NBC sitcom “1600 Penn.” And you may have spotted him in heavy makeup as a Winkie guard in “Oz the Great and Powerful.”

But what about the other cast members from the original 1981 film?

Campbell’s costars recently spoke to the Free Press, sharing memories of auditioning for the cult classic horror movie in the basement of Raimi’s parents’ house and being doused with Karo syrup for the gruesome scenes. Here’s a look at what they’ve been doing since those historic shoestring-budget moviemaking days.

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MSU professor gets 'Evil Dead' salute from former students

MSU professor Bill Vincent and Rob Tapert

There are several nods to Michigan in the new "Evil Dead," from the Michigan State University sweatshirt worn by lead actress Jane Levy to a reference to Flint.

But the coolest tip of the hat to producers Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert and Bruce Campbell's local roots may be the cameo by MSU professor Bill Vincent, the English professor of film studies who taught Raimi and Tapert during their Spartan college days.

Vincent traveled to New Zealand for one day of shooting on a creepy introductory scene that sets the stage for the reboot of the "Evil Dead" mayhem.

"You can see half of my face for a split second," he says from East Lansing.

Vincent was credited as a fake Shemp in "The Evil Dead," the 1981 original that launched the careers of Raimi, who left MSU to make the film, and Tapert.

Through the years, he has kept in contact off and on with Raimi and Tapert and become friends with Raimi's screenwriter brother, Ivan. He says one of the nice things about going to New Zealand was the chance to spend time with Tapert and his wife, actress Lucy Lawless.

A MSU film crew went along to New Zealand to document Vincent's experience. A sampling of that footage was shown at an advance screening of "Evil Dead" in East Lansing on March 21.

The new "Evil Dead" is produced by Raimi and Tapert (as well as Campbell), who always impressed their teacher with their talent.

"It's great to watch their careers," says Vincent. "I was pretty sure at the beginning they were going to be successful, because they had all the necessary attributes and made a pretty great partnership."


WonderCon Panel for Evil Dead

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Evil Dead Panel Reveals Plans for Evil Dead 2, Army of Darkness 2 and a 7th Crossover Film!

Following quite a few warnings about the graphic content featured in the footage, Fede Alvarez's Evil Dead took to the WonderCon stage with Alvarez, producer and original franchise star Bruce Campbell and cast members Lou Taylor Pucci, Shiloh Fernandez, Jessica Lucas and Jane Levy.

The panel began with a new trailer created exclusively for WonderCon. Very similar to the recent Red Band version, this one offered some alternate shots and the tagline, "Once you unleash evil, it will consume you. Fear what you will become."

"You can tell an 'Evil Dead' fan is a real 'Evil Dead' fan because they won't f--ing shut up about it," joked Campbell about meeting Alvarez for the first time.

Alvarez stressed that his vision for the reboot required that the effects be completely practical. To that end, Levy recalled that her biggest challenge during production was getting literally buried alive.

"Don't be such a baby!" Campbell shot back, laughing.

Assuming the film does well at the box office, Alvarez says that he's got big plans for the franchise. He'd like to make a sequel to this one while Sam Raimi moves forward with Army of Darkness 2. Then, both worlds would combine for a final, seventh film.

"I think seven is a nice number," Campbell grinned.

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Evil Dead Movie CLIP - In Here With Us (2013) - Horror Movie HD

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Director Fede Alvarez and the Evil Dead Cast Chat with AMC

Director Fede Alvarez and the cast including Jane Levy, Jessica Lucas, Shiloh Fernandez, and Lou Taylor Pucci, talk "Evil Dead" with Amirose Eisenbach, Associate Editor of AMC Movie News.


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Exclusive EVIL DEAD TV Spot Possesses "The Walking Dead" Season Finale - Never Before Seen

Deadites and Walkers will collide this Sunday. Check out the Exclusive Advanced preview of the EVIL DEAD TV Spot premiering this Sunday in the season finale of "The Walking Dead.

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Hashtag: #EvilDead & #WalkingDeadites
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Empire: Bruce Campbell On Army Of Darkness 2

As sequels go, it's long been sitting on the top of the pile marked 'pipe dream'. Frankly, there seemed to be more chance of playing pat-a-cake with Ash's severed hand than of seeing Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell collaborate on Evil Dead IV.

But, lately, with excitement about all things evil and dead building to fever pitch thanks to the forthcoming Evil Dead remake, things have changed. A couple of weeks ago, while promoting Oz The Great And Powerful, Raimi let slip that he and his brother, Ivan Raimi, were set to begin work on writing the fourth instalment of the Evil Dead series. Producer Rob Tapert confirmed as much the other day - and today, Empire spoke to Ash himself, Bruce Campbell, who confirmed that it's very much on the trio's radar.

"The reception to this movie [Fede Alvarez' remake] has been pretty good so far, so it encouraged Sam and I to go, 'well crap, maybe we should dust the old chainsaw off', " laughs Campbell. "If this movie helps us make another Army Of DarknessArmy Of Darkness 2 – then so be it."

So, it would seem that this isn't so much Evil Dead IV as a direct continuation of Raimi's goofy 1992 medieval dead flick, Army Of Darkness, in which Ash - the one-handed, chainsaw-wieldin', shotgun-blastin' hero who's the scourge of Deadites everywhere - was transported back to ancient England to face off against an undead menace. "Evil Dead IV, Army Of Darkness 2... however you want to slice it," says Campbell. "It’s random ideas in Sam’s head. Let’s not go crazy here. He’s just finished doing Oz, and he’s going to take some time off and he says he’s going to work on it this summer with his brother. He could be smoking cigars at a lakeside cabin for all I know, or he might actually be working, who knows?"

Although the brothers Raimi will be in charge of the story direction for Evil - sorry, Army Of Darkness 2 - Empire asked Campbell, who'll once again star and produce, where he thought the movie might pick up. Famously, Army Of Darkness has two endings - one in which Ash returns to his own time and faces off against a Deadite in the S-Mart where he works; and the other, original ending in which Ash winds up in post-apocalyptic London. Which would Campbell choose to kickstart the sequel?

"I would think the post-Apocalyptic because it gives great possibilities for an Omega Man movie, and who he might be fighting against," he says. "It would be a very interesting world. But I’m fine either way. I’m sure Sam will concoct some ridiculous story and an outrageous journey, so I don’t really care where it starts and ends.

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New Red-Band Clip from Evil Dead Featuring Jessica Lucas


Bruce Campbell Q&A Mad Monster Party March 2013

This is the majority of the Bruce Campbell Q&A, the video skips in two places where my camera decided to stop filming and as I forgot my tripod, in parts it is shaky as I was hand holding the camera.

Bruce discusses Evil Dead, new and old, warns of the dangers of visiting the original Evil Dead property, and discusses the old terrors of independent film making and how easy it is today.

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The Morbidly Made Episode 7: EVIL DEAD II

Our EVIL DEAD Retrospective continues! The show starts out with John still drooling at the mouth for THE EVIL DEAD. When he realizes that we're now talking the sequel he decides to be honest (if Michael J lets him) about, what he feels was, a less than stellar interview he conducted recently.

After a break, Danny Hicks (Jake-EVIL DEAD II) joins us to discuss his experiences making EVIL DEAD II, his ongoing friendship with Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi,upcoming conventions and other appearances and more! He even takes time to answer YOUR questions, this is a MUST listen interview!

Then, it's Ted Raimi's (Henrietta-EVIL DEAD II) turn! As he gives insight into making all three EVIL DEAD films, working with his brother, Sam, and gives us a glimpse at his current projects, and much more! You don't want to miss a second of this awesome interview!

John and Michael J wrap things up with their EVIL DEAD II Retrospective....Why does Michael J feel that this is a reboot, instead of a sequel? Will John admit that Ash isn't a strong character in this installment? The answers to those questions and more lie within! Take a trip into the woods...if you dare!

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Ted Raimi Website:

Show Breakdown:

Intro (2:33-5:02)
Danny Hicks Interview (6:23-30:13)
Ted Raimi Interview (31:22-46:01)
EVIL DEAD II Retrospective (47:21-End)

Thanks for listening!

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Soundtrack Details for Evil Dead Revealed, La-La Land to Distribute

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La-La Land Records, Tri-Star Pictures and Ghost House Pictures present the original motion picture score to the 2013 feature film Evil Dead, starring Jane Levy, Jessica Lucas and Shiloh Fernandez, and directed by Fede Alvarez.

Acclaimed composer Roque Baños (The Machinist) creates a heart-stopping thrill ride of a horror score that launches this all-new re-imagining of the original The Evil Dead into the Horror Hall of Fame alongside its legendary predecessor.

The Evil Dead soundtrack will be available for digital download at iTunes and other digital music retailers on APRIL 9th.

Also on APRIL 9th, the DELUXE CD EDITION of the soundtrack, featuring more than 25 minutes of additional music NOT present on the digital download release, will be available to order from and other online soundtrack boutiques.

This CD will become available at Amazon and other major online retailers MAY 7th.

The Latest Evil Dead Poster Officially Released by Sony: Hi-Resolution

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Help Kickstart The New Bigfoot Movie "STOMPING GROUND", Featuring Theresa Tilly

An independent film entitled "Stomping Ground", featuring Theresa Tilly, needs your help. "Stomping Ground" is a microbudget relationship comedy/horror hybrid feature by television producer and first time director, Dan Riesser. Riesser is a producer on E!'s The Soup and you may have seen his short film Night Of The Punks. The film also stars an amazing cast including John Bobek, Tarah DeSpain, Jeramy Blackford, & Justin Giddings.

"Stomping Ground" is currently in post production with a release to be expected in 2014. "Stomping Ground" needs funds to hire an editor, do color correction, work on sound design and tweak some visual FX. A contribution by you will help make the finished version of "Stomping Ground" look much better. Your contribution will also help the film get shown at film festivals and find distributuon.

Here's is the official synopsis of the movie:

Ben & Annie are a couple living in Chicago, on a weekend trip to Annie's small North Carolina hometown. At the local bar they run into Paul, an old friend of Annie's, and Ben learns something he never knew about his girlfriend: She believes in Bigfoot. In fact, she and her friends used to "hunt" for the creature when they were kids. Before Ben knows it, he's off on an impromptu Squatchin' trip deep in the Carolina backwoods. Amidst the Squatch calls, campfire stories and beers, Ben quickly realizes that Paul may have an ulterior motive in bringing Annie to the woods. And something else out here seems to be after her as well. Everyone but Ben thinks it's Bigfoot. But it can't be, can it? After all, Bigfoot isn't real...

Stomping Ground is a microbudget relationship comedy/horror hybrid feature by television producer & first time feature director Dan Riesser. It was shot in October 2012 in North Carolina, mostly in the Uwharrie National Forest, an area well known for its Bigfoot sightings. Stomping Ground is currently in post production. Look for it in 2014.

Be sure to check out the "Stomping Ground" Kickstarter by clicking here. You can also get a little more information about the film by visiting the official "Stomping Ground" website.

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EVIL DEAD Interviews: Jane Levy, Shiloh Fernandez, Jessica Lucas and (Director) Fede Alvarez

Emmy winner Jake Hamilton sits down to talk with the stars and director of EVIL DEAD -- ane Levy, Shiloh Fernandez, Jessica Lucas and (Director) Fede Alvarez -- only on JAKE'S TAKES! Follow Jake around the world at

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Trailer Addict: ‘Evil Dead’ Soundbite Roundup with the Cast, Executive Producer J.R. Young & Screenwriter Rodo Sayagues

The Cast:
Jane Levy
Jessica Lucas
Lou Taylor Pucci
Elizabeth Blackmore
Shiloh Fernandez

J.R. Young - Executive Producer
Rodo Sayagues - Screenwriter

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The Morbidly Made Episode 6: The Evil Dead

The first part of our EVIL DEAD Retrospective series focuses on the short film, WITHIN THE WOODS, that was a template for the first film and then we get into some deadite madness as we go inside THE EVIL DEAD like never before!

Before that though, we have an EXCLUSIVE interview with Fede Alvarez! (Writer/Director Of THE EVIL DEAD Remake) He discusses recreating the film for a new generation as well as gives us an update on the rumored EVIL DEAD 4 and the upcoming sequel to the remake! Also, will Bruce Campbell return as Ash? All that and so much more are revealed in this MUST LISTEN interview!

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Show Breakdown:

Intro (2:45-5:05)
Fede Alvarez Interview (5:38-34:12)
Siskel & Ebert Review THE EVIL DEAD (34:13-36:05)
WITHIN THE WOODS/EVIL DEAD Retrospective (36:48-End)

Thanks for listening and enjoy!

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‘Evil Dead’ WonderCon Announcement Video Features New Footage!

Bruce Campbell, Fede Alvarez and Rob Tapert are heading to WonderCon in Anaheim, California to showcase the new 'Evil Dead' movie. They've created an announcement video that features some new footage from the movie. WonderCon will be held March 29-31 at the Anaheim Convention Center.

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Evil Dead ‘Mirror’ Clip

Short clip from the new 'Evil Dead' movie featuring Jessica Lucas. This clip aired right before Lucas was interviewed by Craig Ferguson on his Monday night show (3/11/13).

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Evil Dead Interview - SXSW 2013

SVN VP Operations, Sophia Pereira, and President, Ali Iqbal, sit down with the director, producers, and cast of the new film, Evil Dead.
Fede Alvarez (Director)
Bruce Campbell (Producer)
Robert Tapert (Producer)
Jane Levy
Jessica Lucas
Shiloh Fernandez
Lou Taylor Pucci
Elizabeth Blackmore

(Unfortunately, the questions about production design couldn't make it in the interview)

 Evil Dead IMDB:

Evil Dead Trailer

Release Date: April 5, 2013

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Greg Nicotero, Ted Raimi and Scott Spiegel Join the Westwood Evil Dead Festival in L.A. this April

We're crawling ever closer to our amazing EVIL DEAD MARATHON in L.A.; in just a few short weeks, a mob of deadites will descend upon Westwood Village to catch the original three EVIL DEAD films and the EVIL DEAD remake in a festival of frightful fun. Are you going to be among the lucky ones?

We've brought you exclusive details on the marathon before (check them HERE), and today we've got some fantastic special guests to announce:

- Greg Nicotero, special make-up effects guru and current "Walking Dead" producer/director, will be appearing at the fest to talk up his contributions to EVIL DEAD 2 and ARMY OF DARKNESS.

- Ted Raimi, brother to EVIL DEAD mastermind Sam Raimi and featured actor in both EVIL DEAD 2 (Henrietta!) and ARMY OF DARKNESS, will be in the house to wax nostalgic about his time on both sets.

- Finally, EVIL DEAD 2 co-writer and longtime Raimi pal Scott Spiegel will be in attendance to talk about his work on the brilliant DEAD BY DAWN screenplay. (hopefully he'll throw in some tidbits about INTRUDER as well - what a nutty flick that one is.)

These fine fellows will be joining the previously announced lovely ladies of the EVIL DEAD, Theresa Tilly, Ellen Sandweiss and Betsy Baker, at the marathon, along with some yet-to-be-revealed special guests. This is shaping up to be a ridiculously enjoyable evening, so you're going to want to snap up the remaining seats, pronto.

Get your TICKETS HERE for further information, and check out and LIKE our official EVIL DEAD MARATHON Facebook page HERE

Arrow in the Head Presents:
Ultimate Evil Dead Festival
5:30pm Thursday, April 4th at Village Theater, Westwood California

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Do You Have Questions for Danny Hicks (Jake, Evil Dead 2) or Fede Alvarez (Evil Dead 2013, Director)? The Morbidly Made Has You Covered!

As a part of their Ultimate Evil Dead Month, The Morbidly Made will have Danny Hicks, (Jake, Evil Dead 2), and Fede Alvarez, the director of the new Evil Dead movie, on their internet radio show this week.

Danny Hicks will be on their show tomorrow at 5:30 PM Eastern. If you have questions for Danny, message The Morbidly Made by 4:00 PM Eastern tomorrow.

If you have questions for Fede Alvarez, he will be on their show this Friday at 12:00 PM Eastern. You will need to send your questions in by 10:00 AM.

For all questions, message The Morbidly Made on Facebook ( or email them at

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Full EVIL DEAD Q&A: Bruce Campbell, Fede Alvarez & Cast (World Premiere at SXSW Film Festival)

Evil Dead hits theaters April 5, 2013. This question-and-answer session followed the world premiere at the Paramount Theater in Austin, TX, during the SXSW Film Festival.

Featuring film critic Harry Knowles, director Fede Alvarez, producers Bruce Campbell and Robert Tapert, and actors Lou Taylor Pucci, Jane Levy, Elizabeth Blackmore, Shiloh Fernandez, and Jessica Lucas.

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"Evil Dead 2" And "Army Of Darkness 2" Talked Up At SXSW

The world premiere of Fede Alvarez's highly anticipated EVIL DEAD remake has gone down in, as some tell it, all its gory glory (our review is forthcoming!), and the post-film Q&A, as well as subsequent press day has hinted at where both the original and rebooted series go from here.

As many reported on Twitter and the like last night, midst polarizing reaction (some say thrilling and intensely hyper violent, while others are finding the remake gory fan service), the director revealed he's already begun work on a sequel. Clearly, Sony is confident in the film, given its tagline and roof-raising trailer.

Meanwhile, Shock Till You Drop is currently entrenched in interviews for the film, which means speaking with original deadites Rob Tapert and Bruce Campbell, who along with Sam Raimi produced the remake. Tapert went ahead and commented on the recent talk of Raimi returning to the original franchise, explaining—suprisingly—"That would be ARMY OF DARKNESS 2. Everybody calls it EVIL DEAD 4, but ARMY OF DARKNESS wasn't called EVIL DEAD anywhere except by the fans."

Campbell, keeping expectations tempered commented on his return and another DEAD film, by saying "Sam threatens this every six months...They were a nightmare to make, very difficult, but they lasted the test of time, so he's not going to let that go, and I'm never going to say 'no.' It'll be me and a walker fighting some other old guy. But that's what he does and who knows? It may happen."

Evil Dead Premiere at SXSW 2013

Ain't It Cool News caught up with Bruce Campbell and the stars of the new EVIL DEAD on the red carpet of the film's world premiere.

For more news and reviews, keep checking in with

Source: AintItCoolTV

SXSW: Bruce Campbell says that ‘Evil Dead’ remake is part of a new trilogy

Sam Raimi’s original Evil Dead turned out to be the first part of a trilogy, so why can’t the remake be the same? Actor Bruce Campbell, who appeared in the original Evil Dead films, told fans at SXSW in Austin, Texas that the remake is part of a trilogy and work has already started on the Evil Dead 2 script.

Campbell, who is a producer on the new film, spoke at the Paramount Theater, following the remake’s world premiere. The graphic remake had audiences screaming, so it sounded as if they approved of director Fede Alverez’s reworking of the beloved horror classic.

“We're like proud uncles of this young man,” Campbell said about Alvarez, reports The Hollywood Reporter. “We're glad we got him because we won't be able to afford him much [longer].”

Alvarez joked that Raimi himself couldn’t be there because a “tiny, little independent film” (Oz The Great And Powerful) just opened.

Later in the Q&A session, Campbell revealed that a sequel is in the works, reports Deadline. “We already started writing Evil Dead 2,” he said.

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Work Has Begun On a Script for Evil Dead 2

Some breaking news out of SXSW where we have a few reporters on the scene at the very first public screening for the Evil Dead remake.

Director Fede Alvarez told the crowd this evening that they have begun writing Evil Dead 2. Yes, a sequel to the remake is "officially" in the works. That demonstrates the studio (Sony, in this case) is confident in the remake, as are the producers (Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert, Bruce Campbell) - and they should be given the response the film received tonight in Austin, Texas.

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Will You Enter The Evil Dead Cabin?

The official website for the Evil Dead remake has been recently updated. You can now take an interactive tour of the cabin, view the redband trailers, download ringtones and much more!

Click Here To Check It Out

The remake premieres tomorrow evening at the SXSW Film Festival and hits theaters on April 5th.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Ladies of The Evil Dead Announced as Guests at the Westwood Evil Dead Festival in L.A. this April

A few weeks ago, we brought you the awesome news that we're hosting an EVIL DEAD MARATHON in L.A. on Thursday, April 4th at the Regency Westwood Village Theatre (961 Broxton Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90024). (GET YOUR TICKETS HERE). Yes, Sam Raimi's original trilogy plus Fede Alvarez's remake, all swallowing your soul in one bloody good night filled with props from the film and stars. What's not to love?  

Today we're happy to bring along a few exclusive details regarding the Dead-fest: We have our first confirmation on special guests! The lovely ladies of the EVIL DEAD, Theresa Tilly, Ellen Sandweiss and Betsy Baker, will be giving a much desired Q&A after the screening of the first film! They will also be bringing goodies for fan giveaway, so the first film in a glorious 35mm is one not to be missed!

Get your TICKETS HERE for further information, and check out and LIKE our official EVIL DEAD MARATHON Facebook page HERE

Arrow in the Head Presents:
Ultimate Evil Dead Festival
5:30pm Thursday, April 4th at Village Theater, Westwood California

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2 New ‘Evil Dead’ TV Spots

Source: SonyPictures

Sam Raimi Clarifies ‘Evil Dead 4′ Comments… But Is It Happening?

(Image Source: themadbutcher)

EVIL DEAD fans were hopefully looking at not just Fede Alvarez’ intense-looking reboot this April, but also a possibility of an EVIL DEAD 4, after original director Sam Raimi gave us that little nugget of news from the weekend. While it appears he and brother Ivan will begin work on the script in the summer, he’s since wanted to clear up a few details regarding the project, which will confidently see the great Bruce Campbell back with a boom(stick).

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See also:
Bruce Campbell entertains Royal Oak audience, shoots down 'Evil Dead 4' reports -

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Sam and Ivan Raimi Writing Evil Dead 4 This Summer

With the remake of Evil Dead just a few weeks away and the fact that everyone has been wondering for the last several years if we'll ever get a proper Evil Dead 4 news has come that has us grinning from ear-to-ear!

While doing press in London for his upcoming flick, Oz the Great and Powerful, the question inevitably came up again... Will there be an Evil Dead 4. Raimi's answer was music to our ears...

"I would love to make Evil Dead 4. My brother [most likely Ivan who co-wrote Drag Me to Hell, Army of Darkness and Darkman with Sam] and I plan to work on the script this summer."

Stay tuned, kids! Dark days are coming!


Evil Dead II Blu-ray in April

Info from
Ahead of the theatrical release of the much anticipated remake of the 1981 cult-hit horror film, StudioCanal will be releasing a special edition of EVIL DEAD II on Blu-ray on April 15th. From horror master Sam Raimi (Drag Me To Hell) and starring the effervescent Bruce Campbell, this Blu-ray edition contains great special features new to the UK!


• Commentary with writer/director Sam Raimi, actor Bruce Campbell, co-writer Scott Spiegel, and special makeup effects artist Greg Nicotero
• Swallowed souls: The Making of Evil Dead II (new to the UK)
• Cabin Fever: a fly on the wall behind the scenes (new to the UK)
• Road to Wadesboro: Revisiting the Shooting Location of Evil Dead II (new to the UK)
• Archival Featurettes: Behind the screams / Making of ED2 / Theatrical Trailer
• Photo galleries

Artwork has yet to be finalised.