Friday, March 1, 2013

Sam and Ivan Raimi Writing Evil Dead 4 This Summer

With the remake of Evil Dead just a few weeks away and the fact that everyone has been wondering for the last several years if we'll ever get a proper Evil Dead 4 news has come that has us grinning from ear-to-ear!

While doing press in London for his upcoming flick, Oz the Great and Powerful, the question inevitably came up again... Will there be an Evil Dead 4. Raimi's answer was music to our ears...

"I would love to make Evil Dead 4. My brother [most likely Ivan who co-wrote Drag Me to Hell, Army of Darkness and Darkman with Sam] and I plan to work on the script this summer."

Stay tuned, kids! Dark days are coming!


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Anonymous said...

I sure hope it doesn't happen. Sam and Ivan have been "working" on the script for years now. Hopefully, he's just pumped about the remake and 'ED4' is just some pipe-dream project. I love the trilogy. I love Sam and Bruce. But we need another 'Evil Dead' like we needed Indiana Jones IV and Star Wars prequels. Let the classics be. Lets not mar the series with a substandard sequel. Sometimes it's best to keep the magic in the past, rather than to try (and fail) to recapture it. Instead, lets see Sam and Bruce tackle a whole new project together. These are creative guys! Don't limit them to their past work. Lets leave Ash as he was at the end of "Army of Darkness", and shoot for something new but equally as inspired.