Monday, March 18, 2013

The Morbidly Made Episode 6: The Evil Dead

The first part of our EVIL DEAD Retrospective series focuses on the short film, WITHIN THE WOODS, that was a template for the first film and then we get into some deadite madness as we go inside THE EVIL DEAD like never before!

Before that though, we have an EXCLUSIVE interview with Fede Alvarez! (Writer/Director Of THE EVIL DEAD Remake) He discusses recreating the film for a new generation as well as gives us an update on the rumored EVIL DEAD 4 and the upcoming sequel to the remake! Also, will Bruce Campbell return as Ash? All that and so much more are revealed in this MUST LISTEN interview!

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Show Breakdown:

Intro (2:45-5:05)
Fede Alvarez Interview (5:38-34:12)
Siskel & Ebert Review THE EVIL DEAD (34:13-36:05)
WITHIN THE WOODS/EVIL DEAD Retrospective (36:48-End)

Thanks for listening and enjoy!

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