Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Morbidly Made Episode 7: EVIL DEAD II

Our EVIL DEAD Retrospective continues! The show starts out with John still drooling at the mouth for THE EVIL DEAD. When he realizes that we're now talking the sequel he decides to be honest (if Michael J lets him) about, what he feels was, a less than stellar interview he conducted recently.

After a break, Danny Hicks (Jake-EVIL DEAD II) joins us to discuss his experiences making EVIL DEAD II, his ongoing friendship with Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi,upcoming conventions and other appearances and more! He even takes time to answer YOUR questions, this is a MUST listen interview!

Then, it's Ted Raimi's (Henrietta-EVIL DEAD II) turn! As he gives insight into making all three EVIL DEAD films, working with his brother, Sam, and gives us a glimpse at his current projects, and much more! You don't want to miss a second of this awesome interview!

John and Michael J wrap things up with their EVIL DEAD II Retrospective....Why does Michael J feel that this is a reboot, instead of a sequel? Will John admit that Ash isn't a strong character in this installment? The answers to those questions and more lie within! Take a trip into the woods...if you dare!

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Show Breakdown:

Intro (2:33-5:02)
Danny Hicks Interview (6:23-30:13)
Ted Raimi Interview (31:22-46:01)
EVIL DEAD II Retrospective (47:21-End)

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