Friday, April 5, 2013

Book Of The Dead Interviews Ted Raimi

You can now head over to the Features section to read an interview conducted with Ted Raimi. The interview covers It's Murder, Within The Woods & The Evil Dead rather than his later Henrietta Evil Dead II days (the make-up for which has already been heavily covered on this site in interviews with Mark Shostrom, Howard Berger, Robert Kurtzman, & Shannon Shea).

Most famously playing the role of Possessed Henrietta in Evil Dead II, Ted also had small parts in numerous Super-8 productions, including Six Months to Live, Torro, Torro Torro!, Stryker's War and as Milton's younger brother Bradley in It's Murder!, as well as playing the Cowardly Warrior, Second Supportive Villager & S-Mart Clerk roles in Army Of Darkness, and a string of other well known titles including Crimewave, Intruder, Hercules & Xena as the comical wanna-be warrior Joxer.

Click Here For The Interview!

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