Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Evil Dead (2013) - Art of the Title

A bloodshot title card and the hammering notes of a dread chorale close out a weekend getaway quite literally from Hell.

Before the audience is allowed to escape this cabin in the woods though, Aparato’s gruesome title sequence for Evil Dead — an “homage to gore,” as Director Fede Alvarez calls it — forces them to relive every murderous detail of the proceedings in a ghastly instant replay of sorts. Globules of blood hover in the murk, like the embers of a dying fire; a rivulet of red slinks down a decaying staircase, dripping into a waiting pool of carnage. Soon, the vital fluid begins splattering the walls and floors, the ferocity of Roque Baños’ score increasing to match the foul play. Limbs are hacked, nails pierce muscle and splinter wood, and a smoking chainsaw chews through flesh and bone in an ever more violent summary of Deadite deaths and self-inflicted savagery. Demonic scripture flashes, blood rains, and the screen is consumed by flame.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bruce Campbell...The Interview!!! The Podwits

What can I say about Bruce Campbell that has not been already said? The man is loved and revered. He’s a living legend in the world of cult and “B” cinema and best of all… he is a good dude, a fact that I can personally vouch for.

A couple of weeks ago, I shot Mr. Campbell an e-mail asking for a little of his time to discuss the new home video releases of both Crime Wave (a long-lost, all-but-forgotten early effort by Sam Raimi and the Coen Brothers) and the new Evil Dead remake. He graciously accepted my invitation for a short phone interview and just days later, I was on the phone with “the man” himself, discussing his career as an actor, producer, director and author.

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bruce Campbell Talks Evil Dead on Blu-ray and Evil Dead 4 / Army of Darkness 2

With the release of Evil Dead on Blu-ray and DVD looming we got a chance to catch up with franchise icon Bruce Campbell who spoke about the home video release as well as potential sequels to the remake. Read on for the whole enchilada straight from the chin himself!

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

'Evil Dead's Bruce Campbell: 'The door is still open for a sequel'

Evil Dead's Bruce Campbell has said that "the door is still open" for a sequel to the original series in which he starred.

The actor spoke with Digital Spy about his work on the Sam Raimi film and the success of the recent remake, which he produced for director Fede Alvarez.

"Yeah, it's about $95 million worldwide now, so we're very thrilled that people have embraced it. They kept poking us for years - 'Where's another Evil Dead?' - and we just thought it was time to give people what they wanted.

"And the door is still open if Sam and I want to do another one of the original series, we can do that too. I don't see what would keep the two series from just running in parallel universes."

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Road Trip to the Site of the Evil Dead Cabin! | Creepy Cincinnati

This week we took a road trip down to Morristown, TN to visit the site of the cabin from the original “The Evil Dead” movie. I say the site, instead of the cabin, because as most fans know, the cabin burned down several years ago. About all that’s left at this point is part of the fireplace, the rusted remains of the roof, and a hole in the ground. The hole was dug out by the film makers for the scenes involving the trap door leading to the basement, as the cabin didn’t have one. As for the fireplace, well, there isn’t much left. Lot’s of people that come here take bricks as souvenirs . If that keeps up, soon there wont be any of it left. So no, I didn’t take one.

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Evil Dead News Roundup for the week of June 9 - June 16, 2013

Meet Tom Sullivan, legendary special f/x artist/illustrator/animator for the Evil Dead 1 & 2, at Tromadance Detroit! June 22!

The Kevin & Bean Show on KROQ: Thurs. June 13th w/ Bruce Campbell - Interview starts at 49:43 & ends at 56:35

Roque Baños talks about scoring the new “Evil Dead”

thedeaditeslayer: Army of Darkness interview with special effects artist and sculptor Jim McPherson

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Evil Dead 2 screening in Atlanta, GA at the Starlight Drive-In Theatre - June 8, 2013

Evil Dead News received this email today from Alex Spivey:
I am hosting a screening of Evil Dead 2 on June 8th at Atlanta's Starlight Drive-in, and I just wanted to share the events poster.