Sunday, June 16, 2013

Road Trip to the Site of the Evil Dead Cabin! | Creepy Cincinnati

This week we took a road trip down to Morristown, TN to visit the site of the cabin from the original “The Evil Dead” movie. I say the site, instead of the cabin, because as most fans know, the cabin burned down several years ago. About all that’s left at this point is part of the fireplace, the rusted remains of the roof, and a hole in the ground. The hole was dug out by the film makers for the scenes involving the trap door leading to the basement, as the cabin didn’t have one. As for the fireplace, well, there isn’t much left. Lot’s of people that come here take bricks as souvenirs . If that keeps up, soon there wont be any of it left. So no, I didn’t take one.

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