Wednesday, October 2, 2013

FEARnet: Exclusive Interview: Horror Actor Ted Raimi Preparing for His Top-Secret Feature Directing Debut

Tim Lammers writes:
Veteran horror actor Ted Raimi is about to follow in the footsteps of his big brother Sam (whom you all know as the godfather of the Evil Dead franchise and now an A-list Hollywood director), and go behind the camera to write and direct his own first feature film. In an interview at Crypticon Minneapolis last weekend, Ted told me he will be shooting the film "early next year."

"It's a supernatural horror tale about Los Angeles itself," Raimi revealed. "Not enough horror has been told about that city. People seem enamored about it who live there, but I don't know why. I find it completely upsetting and terrifying, so I thought, 'What better place to set a horror movie?'"

While Raimi, 47, couldn't divulge the title of the film or any other vital details, he did note that he will make a cameo appearance: "I'll have a small part in it, just for the fans who want to see me in it," he said... and hinted that fans shouldn't be surprised if a certain Raimi by the name of Sam turns up in the film.

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