Saturday, April 26, 2014

Cult film icon Bruce Campbell takes his work, not show business, seriously

Interview excerpt regarding a followup to Evil Dead (2013):

“There is a very strong intent to do a part two. We just have to figure out a plan and idea and approach, that we hope will be in line with what the fans are going to enjoy,” he says. “You know, the only reason we did this in the first place, some people were very leery of it when it first came out, and we appreciate that, they’re very protective of the first series of movies, but we did this because Sam and I had been busy for years doing other stuff, and the demand is still there. So we’re like, ‘Well, let’s give ’em one. We don’t have time to actually be in one and for Sam to direct it, but we can still use our brains and our experience. We can maybe make another movie that will hopefully scare people, too.’ ”

So, yes, because the demand is probably even greater now, an Evil Dead 2 is in the works, one of the 10 films that Campbell says he’s involved in that are in various stages of development.

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