Thursday, May 15, 2014

Evil Dead's Hal Delrich Returns for a Grindhouse Creature Triple Feature


Indie Filmmaker Ryan Meade is becoming quite prolific as of late with several projects on their way and right now we have a look at another one which sees the acting return of a very familiar face from one of the genre's most beloved faces.

Ryan Meade's Grindhouse Anthology aka Creature Triple Feature stars Tom Sullivan, Hal Delrich, Terence Cover, Evan Milka and more.

Three short films make up the collection: "Cosmos Locos," "Frankenstein's Fatal Flying Guillotine," and "Bong Fly," and each was produced, written, directed, shot, scored and edited by Ryan Meade.

"Cosmos Locos" stars Tom Sullivan, in an action adventure comedy that takes place in a comic book shop. "Frankensteins Fatal Flying Guillotine" stars Terence Cover from "Cosmos Locos", features Frankenstein's monster on a quest to get his bride back from Dracula Grindhouse style. "Bong Fly" stars Hal Delrich (Evil Dead, Crimewave). In the flick Delrich reprises his role as Officer (now detective) Garvey from Crimewave. This marks Delrich's first acting role in 30 years.

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