Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Book Of The Dead Announces Monthly Evil Dead Competition!

Info from Rob over at

from now on a monthly competition will be running on The theme will change each month, with some upcoming competitions involving 'the best fanmade replica Evil Dead trilogy related prop', 'the most obscure/best/rarest item in your Evil Dead collection', and 'the best Evil Dead trilogy related short film made by a fan or collection of fans'. Each month's prize will be something on the rarer and interesting side, not something you can easily pick up on Amazon for peanuts, and the prize will reflect the difficulty of the competition. The harder the competition, the better the prize.

To begin something simple while word gets around, the first competition is the 'Best Evil Dead trilogy related fanmade costume'. It can be anything from an Ash Halloween costume you made years ago to some sort of deadite makeup created for a fan film, or even something created specifically for this competition. The closing date is Monday, June 30 2014. The winner will be announced shortly after that, along with the next competition, both of which will be posted on this page. Check out the Competition page for more information and how to enter.

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