Monday, June 30, 2014

Kastor's Korner - Hail to the King (of Megos) Baby: Retro Ash is Here

Retro or otherwise, NECA’s new Evil Dead 2 figure is the best Ash ever.

Right now, I feel we’re at the peak when it comes to retro styled toys. But as commonplace as they’ve become, there are always those few figure that rise above the pack and become something truly memorable. I guess the exact same description can be applied to horror movies, and much like his big screen counterpart, the latest Ash action figure from NECA is definitely worth remembering.

Ash Retro NECA 020This 8″ version of Ash sees our hapless hero in Mego-like style, complete with a cloth outfit and the same base body NECA developed and first used for the Django Unchained series. It’s a good body, with decent articulation that is reminiscent of what we would have seen in the late 70s, while feeling much more solid and study than the hollow-bodied actual Mego dolls.

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