Thursday, July 31, 2014

Book Of The Dead: New August Monthly Competition!

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Head over to the Competition page to enter August's competition; 'The Best fanmade or fan-found replica prop'. It can be anything Evil Dead related from either The Evil Dead, Evil Dead II or Army Of Darkness. Either something you've made yourself, or something you've bought which was made as a prop-replica, or even an original item you've found somewhere which matches something shown on screen. Examples include the 'Book of the Dead', a 'Kandarian Dagger', a chainsaw, lantern or necklace, one of the trilogy's various firearms, or even the infamous Delta 88 'Royale' Oldsmobile car! Literally anything related. It can be something you picked up locally, or from a far flung corner of the globe, even something you've had for years. Just take a photo and send it in. The closing date is Sunday, August 31 2014. The winner will be announced shortly after that, along with the next competition, both of which will be posted on this page. Check out the Competition page for more information and how to enter.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Guardian: What The Evil Dead needs to do to work as a TV series

For the classic horror movie to succeed on the small screen, Sam Raimi must ensure there's a decent plot and plenty of humour in with the horror. But, most of all, he needs Bruce Campbell at its heart

Of all the revelations at this year's Comic-Con, perhaps the most intriguing was Sam Raimi's confirmation that both he and his long-time collaborator (and brother) Ivan are beavering away on a TV adaptation of The Evil Dead. While a tentative cause for geeky celebration in itself, the news that Bruce Campbell, who played Ash Williams in the original, will also be involved means that gore fans globe-wide are now dribbling into their laps.

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Up Close: NECA Ash from Evil Dead 2

A new feature here on the Museum is up close, which is showing off some of the latest arrivals in the growing ReMego movement. Not intended as a review but merely a better look at the product itself for those who haven’t made up their minds.

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The Evil Breakfast Dead Club

A friend of mine, local filmaker Jon Bonnell, recently allowed me a look at his new script "The Evil Breakfast Dead Club". I had worked with Jon on a promo trailer for the film, so I was excited to finally see the finished script.

There are many things that go together, peanut butter and jelly, gin and tonic, Captain and Tennille, The Breakfast Club and The Evil Dead.

Yes, you read that right.

Sometimes the best crossovers are the movies you never saw coming. Although if you really think about it, pairing up the definitive 80’s brat pack movie with the definitive 80’s horror movie, not only it makes sense, but it makes you wonder why it hasn’t happened sooner.

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Bruce Campbell, James Buckley join Welcome to Purgatory

Evil Dead and Inbetweeners stars join cast of fantasy feature.

Evil Dead star Bruce Campbell and James Buckley, best known as Jay in British comedy The Inbetweeners, have joined the cast of fantasy feature Welcome to Purgatory.

The film, from Cupsogue Pictures, also stars Jillian Murray, Nathan Jones, Jack O’Halloran and Stephen Marcus, and will film at Pinewood Studios ahead of a theatrical release in 2015.

Directed by Gene Fallaize, it centres on three new arrivals to Purgatory as they navigate the Afterlife, helped by Guardian Paul. But after the gates of Heaven and Hell are broken, leaving the Afterlife in ruins, the new arrivals must put things right to avert a battle between good and evil.

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Bruce Campbell Will STAR In the “Evil Dead” TV Series! #SDCC

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Back on Friday Sam Raimi broke the news out of the ongoing San Diego Comic-Con that he’s been developing a television series based on his The Evil Dead franchise.

He also explained on the “The Last of Us” panel that he and his brother Ivan, along with Bruce Campbell, are currently writing the “Evil Dead” series.

Late last night some mega news hit while I was fast asleep recharging from yet another massive news outing. Campbell responded to a fan, via Twitter, confirming that the intentions are for him to star in said series.

The Fede Alvarez-directed Evil Dead remake, which hit theaters in April of 2013, bowed well for Columbia Pictures earning close to $100M worldwide. Said remake is rumored to actually be the third sequel – following The Evil Dead, Evil Dead II and Army of Darkness – which would eventually tie into the original trilogy. At the end of the movie, they teased Campbell’s return as Ash (below) – does this mean Campbell will play Ash in the new series? Probably. Will it tie into the movie? Hopefully. Will we see another movie? I’d bet on it.


Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Last of Us | Comic-Con panel 2014 Sam Raimi

The full The Last of Us panel from ComicCon 2014 in San Diego.
Sam Raimi will produce The Last of Us - The Movie.
Maisie Wiliams from Game of Thrones might play the lead role!

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Friday, July 25, 2014

SDCC: Sam Raimi Is Writing An EVIL DEAD TV Series

While announcing the Last of Us movie at the Screen Gems panel at Comic-Con, Sam Raimi dropped a side bit of news: he's writing an Evil Dead TV show, and it's going to involve Bruce Campbell. Ivan Raimi is co-writing.

What does that mean? What is an Evil Dead TV show even about? Is it spinning off from the reboot, or is it a continuation of the original series? There are no other details... right now.


Bruce Campbell and Maisie Williams to Star in Sam Raimi's The Last of Us Film Adaptation - Hardcore Gamer

A trailer was just shown at San Diego Comic Con that has announced further details for the upcoming The Last of Us film adaption. The project will be headed up by Sam Raimi of Spider-man/Evil Dead fame and star Bruce Campbell and Maisie Williams. Williams has been in talks to portray Ellie, with Campbell’s position being unconfirmed, although Neil Druckmann has stated he likes him for Joel.

This will certainly be both Campbell’s and Wlliam’s biggest starring role to date, with the former having an illustrious career as a B-movie actor, TV star and frequent Sam Raimi cohort. Williams is best known as starring as Arya Stark in HBO’s Game of Thrones.

Check out the film’s first poster here and our review of the game here.


Monday, July 21, 2014

Check out Evil Dead News' new Twitter and Blog banners!

The artwork was done by Jonathan Torres. You can view his deviantART page here:

Tested: How The Evil Dead's Tom Sullivan Mastered Low-Budget Effects

When Sam Raimi went to college at Michigan State, he formed a tight group of filmmaking friends. Scott Spiegel, who wrote Evil Dead 2, bonded with Raimi over their mutual love of The Three Stooges. Bruce Campbell became Raimi’s square jawed leading man, and Rob Tapert would become Sam’s long time producer. Another important member of that filmmaking fraternity was Tom Sullivan, who did the make-up effects for The Evil Dead. If Raimi's seminal horror debut is renowned for its low-budget production, it was Sullivan who gets the credit for providing those memorable scares with such limited resources.

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

60 sec review. 2014 NECA Evil Dead II: 8 inch Deadite Ash.

Review #2: A 60 sec review of The 2014 NECA Evil Dead II: Deadite Ash 8 inch MEGO style action figure. Be sure to add the Fly on Facebook:

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Saturday, July 19, 2014


"Uh-huh. That's right. I'm running the show now. We're going to go out there in them woods and look for Bobby Joe. Once we find her we're getting the hell out of here."

Danny Hicks - IMDb
Danny Hicks - Facebook

Featured Twitter Pic: Kayla Ezell at the original Evil Dead Cabin site in Morristown, TN

Info from Kayla Ezell (@yippiekaikay):
Today I traveled to the place where the Evil Dead cabin used to stand. It was amazing #horror #EvilDead @EvilDeadNews

Monday, July 14, 2014

Masters of Horror: Interview with Tom Sullivan by David Kempf

When I was a young teen, I saw the first EVIL DEAD movie and it scared the hell out of me. I equally enjoyed the sequels EVIL DEAD 2 and ARMY OF DARKNESS.

Tom Sullivan worked as a effects artist in makeup and stop motion animation in both EVIL DEAD sequels.

Tom is a lifelong fan of horror and fantasy movies and is very popular with art collectors seeking to purchase EVIL DEAD related art. It was fun to interview Tom about his past accomplishments and future plans in the horror field.

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

eBay: EVIL DEAD II : The Army of Darkness - Original 1985 early Trade AD /poster advert

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Original 1985 LARGE print advertisement carefully removed from an entertainment industry trade magazine promoting Evil Dead II: The Army of Darkness (apparently the originally intended title). Some of these ads are early pre-release, pre-production, or screening announcements featuring rare artwork or titles that were later changed for the actual release.

This vintage advertisement is not a photocopy or reprint; most of these ad types were very briefly published and never commercially reproduced. Ready to be matted and/or framed.
  • Measures approx. 11” x 15½. Fragile newspaper/newsprint type paper, making still intact ads like this one often more rare than posters.
  • Good condition, noticeable aging/yellowing - see scan (dark border is scanner background, not part of ad).
  • No ebay watermark on actual ad.
  • Reverse/back side will generally have ads, photos, articles, etc.
  • Shipped rolled in a solid crush-proof PVC tube. If ordering additional ads normally sent flat, all ads (entire order) will be shipped together in the tube.
  • I ship multiple Magazine Ad purchases in the U.S. together at no extra charge (use Ebay's "Add To Cart" feature).

See my store Parting-with-old-stuff for more Ads.

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Evil Dead Cabin (working title) - w.i.p.

Quick look of the progress from my incoming short animation (2-3minutes). It doesn't have a title yet, ED cabin is a working title. Story wouldn't be related to the story from ED II. Final animation will be ready in early 2015, I hope so :) Fingers crossed! Sound deliver (as always) by Bluezone Corp.

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

NECA Evil Dead 2 Hero Ash Mego-style Figure Review

SalvadorLosAngeles reviews Hero Ash, from Evil Dead 2, Mego-style action figure, made by NECA.

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Friday, July 4, 2014

Bruce Campbell's Independence Day Message

Actor/Director/Producer/Writer Bruce Campbell delivers an Independence Day Message for 2014. Transcript and enhanced audio at: Video courtesy DVIDS.

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